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Oct 23, 2009 01:44 PM

New Haven Restaurant Week 8-13 November

At the end of dinner at Zinc earlier this week, I was given a card announcing New Haven Restaurant week for Sunday, 8 November through Friday the 13th. Since I hadn't seen anything substantive about this here, I thought I should post.

Participating restaurants will (supposedly) provide prix fixe menus at lunch and dinner (dinner only for some). Prices are to be a standard $16.38 at lunch (1638=the year New Haven was founded) and $29.00 at dinner. There's a long list of places which I won't reproduce here (but think of a $29 dinner at Union League, Ibiza, Central Steakhouse....).

More information and a list of participating restaurants at

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  1. And if you're planning to go, reservations at places like Union League, Ibiza, Central Steakhouse are a must. The more popular destinations are already pretty fully booked up, even on the "off" days.

    1. I have contacts for four local Chowhounds. Perhaps we should try and do something during NH restaurant week? Email me.
      PS: Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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        Hi, I noticed in some postings that you are familiar with the Hartford area. I'm going there to visit a friend who's not a foodie and wanted to see if you had any recommendations for really good not so expensive restaurants. I'm open to almost any type of cuisine as long as it's authentic and tasty. Thanks!

        1. re: MasCeviche

          I appreciate you singling me out, but I feel I am not the best person to help you with Hartford. One thing is, I tend to go more expensive or I go hole-in-the-wall inexpensive. Not too much in-between.
          My map of restaurants should be a big help, however. It is 90% created from multiple Chowhound recommendations and/or backed up by other comments elsewhere.
          It would be helpful if you suggest a price range that you are comfortable with.

      2. A complete list of restaurants with their Restaurant Week menus is now posted at the Info NewHaven website. Unfortunately, except for the very top-of-the-line restaurants, you're not getting much of a deal for your $29, unless you're someone who really likes dessert with their meals. For the more moderately priced restaurants, $29 is about what one would spend for a 3-course dinner (and in the self-interest of one's waistline, a party of two usually splits an app & a dessert).

        SONO restaurant week, although not particularly well advertised this year, did have an interesting idea of having a split pricing, $29.99 and $19.99, for each restaurant's discretion.

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        1. re: rbailin

          I totally agree with your assessment of New Haven's RW and was thinking the same--not much of a deal for $29. Connecticut's Restaurant Week was a far better deal.

          I did enjoy my RW lunch at Chocopologie. Mine was only $19.99 because I had a glass of wine. For a starter, main and dessert, it was just $14.99 at lunch and worth every penny.

          P.S. I like how you think re waistline--splitting calories is a fab idea. Economical, too.