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Oct 23, 2009 01:44 PM

Drinks/dessert near Copley

Anyone have recommendations for drinks and maybe dessert near Copley? I'm looking for a place that is somewhat hip but where you can carry on a conversation. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The bar/lounge area at Sorellina.

    1. azure at the lenox is now city table. nice room and open quite late.

      bristol lounge.

      1. Sonsie or Mistral or Brasserie Jo

        Brasserie JO
        120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

        Sonsie - Boston
        327 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02115

        Mistral Restaurant
        221 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116

        1. I really think the bar at the Top of the Hub is underrated. I suggest there, and get the cookie plate!

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          1. re: SaraASR

            I can't believe no one has said Finale yet (attached to the park plaza). It is a dessert only restaurant. Desserts are beautiful- definitely a little pricey but you can share a lot and they are worth it. The molten chocolate cake is the original and the best in the city.

            1. re: MParente

              No one has said Finale because most of us disagree with your assessment of the place. All flash and little substance.

              1. re: Blumie

                Ditto- great place if you only want to look at the desserts and have a big enough budget.

                1. re: MParente

                  I more than second what Blumie has said. original? molten chocolate cake is a recipe as old as the hills, and insanely easy to make yourself.
                  Get some good chocolate, real butter and eggs, stir, bake for a short while - then compare that taste with whatever it is that Finale's serves. I'm a firm believer that once someone tastes the real deal, they won't look back! Finale's desserts do look beautiful, but the proof is in the tasting.

                  1. re: MParente

                    We walked into Finale, sat down, looked at the dessert menu, and apologized to the server, left her a tip, and walked out. This was a few yrs ago, and dessert for 2 was $29! So we crossed the street to Maggiano's. Yes, it's a chain. No, it's not hip. But we able to have dessert and conversation at a reasonable price. I had the profiteroles and they were great. The coffee was v. good. And the service was fine.

                2. Post 390 may be a possibility. Definitely for the drink, though I have no idea about the quality of the desserts.

                  It is just off Copley with two bars, fireplace, and great views out onto the Hancock Tower. Others on the board have been negative regarding their cocktails (if that is what you are interested in--though I would argue the bar they set is too high and unrealistic given market conditions and actually seen through rose colored glasses of board favorites like Drink), but they also have an extensive beer and wine list. A bit expensive, but not unexpected considering the neighborhood and the atmosphere for which they seem to be aiming.


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                  1. re: Canadian Tuxedo

                    Funny thread because I'm going to both Post 390 and Finale on Sunday. Chocolate Molten at Finale is freaking good and I don't care what the reviews of the place are. Try to go there whenever I head down to Boston.

                    1. re: Canadian Tuxedo

                      I had the double chocolate cake at Post 390 last weekend and it was mediore. The portion was HUGE and the frosting was delicious, but there was way too much of it. Once I tried the cake part, I realized why- the cake was incredibly dry and they were overdosing it with frosting to cover up the dryness. I wouldn't do Post 390 for dessert only. As I mentioned, Top of the Hub was really good last time I went, and the Cider Donuts from Sorellina are out of this world!

                      1. re: SaraASR

                        post 390 has a lot of sorting out still to do. it hasn't even been open a month, so i'd not put that on top of any list right now.

                        i also would never dream of taking a dining room table just for drinks, nor just for dessert. that's strictly bar-seating, imho.

                        1. re: hotoynoodle

                          I think if you make your intentions clear to the host/ess, before being seated, he/she will advise you as to the policy for seating in the dining room. For instance, when I went to Maggiano's and told them were were going to have dessert and coffee, she said it was no problem.

                        2. re: SaraASR

                          Oh boy, I might have to go get the cake - I'm a total frosting junkie! My friends just had their anniversary dinner at the Top of the Hub, and said it was very good.