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Oct 23, 2009 01:17 PM

Loie Fuller... FAIL (long)

Loie Fuller
1455 Westminster Street, Providence
Date of Visit: Saturday October 17th
Price: $$$$

Loie Fuller is a beautiful restaurant that serves what seems to be upscale American food. We’ve heard wonderful things about it and were excited to try it!

We didn’t decide to go out to eat until 8:10, so we arrived at 8:20 on a Saturday night. We were told that a few tables were finishing dinner and that if they didn’t have dessert we’d be sat soon, but if they did it would be about a 30 minute wait. We were fine with that and sat at the bar and ordered a Framboise Lambic…a light fruity red beer.

About 20 minutes into our wait a table of 4 left. We were excited that we were going to be seated, or so we thought. We weren’t. Apparently Loie won’t seat 2 people at a 4 top. We waited another 30 minutes for a 2 top to open up while that one sat empty and 2 other couples came in and were also waiting.

When we were sat, no apology for the wait. The waitress came over and asked about drinks and we said we were all set; we just had one at the bar and needed food first before another drink. Then she said with an attitude, “We have a (?clam?) soup tonight. So you want to order?” Uh.. We did. I ordered the spring onion ravioli in a brown butter and balsamic reduction with a side of sautéed spinach and my husband ordered the lamb cassoulet. Some bread was brought to the table and then we didn’t see anyone or any food for another 35 minutes. Cassoulet is a stew… not a made to order item. Ravioli is prepped ahead of time and quickly boiled. Sautéed spinach… a couple of minutes… there is no way on earth that these dishes should have taken 35 minutes to make. They only have 12 tables in the restaurant and most of the tables were either eating or on dessert!

My husband said he would have forgiven the time span if the food were any good. It wasn’t. His stew…was dry. He was picking hard beans out of his mouth and it looked like the stew came from the bottom of the pot. My ravioli was good, but the texture of the pasta was slightly hard, like it had been sitting for a while. The spinach was bad… I like salt, I’m a salter… but this was really salty and sitting in a pool of oil.

We were really disappointed and will not be going back. We left there 2 hours after we arrived had really bad service and really bad food.

Price: The entire meal, for 2, was $48, drinks at the bar was $14 plus tip.

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  1. Thanks for your review. How disappointing! When I was there I loved the food and raved about it, but even so the service was definitely off, with lengthy waits in between sightings of our server (and we were the only table that night.) I remember waiting for 10 minutes for our coats at the end of the night.

    1. Hey Jenn! It's good to see you on here - I miss your coffee and amazing baked treats. Hint*gallery*

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        1. If, at the end of the meal or when you were leaving, a manager or hostess asked "How was everything?" then that would have been the right time to share your thoughts concerning service and food. You could have complained to the server, but she was part if the problem. If you were never asked, you don't need to help the place out at all. It's not your (the customer's) problem whatsoever. And yes, this IS the place to voice such reviews and share one's experience. I'm sure the restaurant will be reading this at some point and they can take from it what they will.

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            No, we didn't say anything. The waitress did come back about 8-10 minutes after dropping the food. By that time we were so hungry we were just eating what was in front of us. When we were done (none of the plates were clean, we both left food) she took the plates and we asked for the check. She dropped the check right away and we immediately put in a credit card and slid it to the end of the table. She passed by our table 4 times, without looking at us, without picking up the check, until we said something. We were actually looking in our wallets to see if we had enough cash on us, so we could just pay and get out of there. I wasn't going to bring up the service with her at that point. She made us feel like an annoyance. But (and this sounds petty, I know) the customers that were sat after us, that appeared to have gone there before, she greeted warmly, went into detail about the menu and joked with them (they weren't friends, she wasn't that friendly with then, but it seemed like they might be semi-regulars) Apparently you have to go there a few times before you're treated nicely. I don't expect 100% perfection, no one's perfect. I do expect you to try to give the best service and food you can. It didn't seem like they tried.

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