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Oct 23, 2009 12:52 PM

Fried Chicken

Ok, I am already beginning to plan my three week trip back to the States for the winter holidays. Because I am out of the country for much of the year, my trips home are the only time I can get, not only Chicago food, but American food in general. And right now, what I am craving is fried chicken. Not Popeyes, though God knows it's tasty, but real Southern fried chicken, which crispy skin and juicy meat. And maybe some great sides, greens, biscuits, the works. If it were summer and I had more than three weeks, I'd road trip down to Stroud's in Kansas City, but I think I need to stick to something more local this time.

I live in Roscoe Village when I am in town, so the Northside is perhaps preferred, although I'm willing to drive for good food.



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  1. i enjoy harold's chicken and chicken planet. hole in the wall environment but good fried chicken.

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      chicken it the one on Jackson and Plymouth where they serve grilled chicken with pita, rice and cole slaw?

    2. On a Sunday afternoon, try Table 52 - Art Smith's Buttermilk Fried Chicken is really good, but I think it is only served on Sunday after 4:30pm - 52 West Elm in the Gold Coast

      1. Big Jones on Clark St. in Andersonville has great fried chicken. There is also a fried chicken salad for lunch that is absolutely delicious.

        1. If Chalkboard is still open on Lincoln (4343 N.), they got good reviews for their fried chicken, which I had and enjoyed. Overall, though, I thought the experience there was a bit pricey and precious, with cloying service.

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            I agree, the Chalkboard chicken isn't worth it. Table 52 is good but hard to get into, Big Jones is easy and just as good. You might want to try Honey1, it's a bbq place but it has good fried chicken wings and awesome fried fish, among other things. It's on western near-ish to Roscoe Village.

          2. I will never turn my back on Popeyes or their cajun fries...good luck to u