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Oct 23, 2009 12:50 PM

Grass Fed beef/organic steak houses Chicago

I'm a fan of the organic movement, but also belong to a steak club with some friends where we tour some of Chicago's best steak houses. So far this year we've been to;

Kinzie Chop House
Gene and Georgetti's
Chicago Chop House
Tango Sur
Chicago FireHouse

Most of these places serve Prime USDA beef. Is there anywhere that specializes in organic/free range beef? I know Harry Carey's has a grass fed steak, but just one cut.

Input would be appreciated, I'd love to force our group to go somewhere a little more sustainable.

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  1. carnivale also serves amazing grass-fed steaks. but i think it's only one cut.

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        Ever since reading Omnivore's Dilemma, I've been a big fan of grass fed/finished beef. That's what we eat in our house 85% of the time. But finding it in a restaurant? That's going to be tough. I think it's awesome that Harry Carey's and Carnivale have one cut on the menu. The standard steakhouse palate wants corn finished beef and that's what they get.

    1. Bill Kurtis' cattle company lists its restaurant partners online (including Harry Caray's):

      1. You can go to the website eat There is a farmer from Iowa who has opened a store in Naperville selling grass fed bee,f organic chicken and other organic products. His name is Nick Wallace farms and he is actually open tomorrow February 13th. He is located in a strip mall right behind Naperville North high school

        1. Keefers DOES NOT have grass fed - just expensive average steaks.

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            Prairie Fire, while not a "steak house", always offers several dishes with TallGrass Beef (Bill Kurtis's company), which is grass fed.

          2. Some of these are just burger joints but grassfed.