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Oct 23, 2009 12:44 PM

Looking for Restaurants near Argonne National Lab

Will be visiting the Lab soon and I'd appreciate any good dining spots within a short drive . I looked at a similar post from January, 2007 that had positive reviews of the following places:
Cebu, Uncle Bub's, Dell Rhea's, Pappadeux, and Katy's Dumpling House. Any comments or updates would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Pappadeaux and Katy's are more than a short drive from Argonne, but not so far as to be out of the question. A nearby restaurant you might try is Smilga on Plainfield Road and Lemont Road in Darien (north of Argonne) -- maybe 2 miles or so. It serves very good Lithuanian food - potato dumplings, ceppelinai (meat-filled dumplings - don't order more than 1 or 2, as they are big and filling). In addition to serving good food, Smilga is very reasonable in price.
    There are also some good small restaurants in Lemont, a bit south of Argonne -- ask the Argonne people for names (H&H used to be there and was good).

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      I would go down to LaDolce Vita in downtown Lemont. No reservations, but good solid Italian food. If you have a long wait, go across the street to Tom's Place. It's walk back in time. An old fashoned taveren with very cheap prices. Walk back to the private room to enjoy your drinks. They have Blatz beer on tap, but I would pass on that. Nasty.