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Oct 23, 2009 12:10 PM

Non Seafood Places in Key West

Hi folks

Looking for casual places in KW that are not seafood based as I have an allergy.

We love burgers, pasta, steaks, salads, BBQ, Mexican etc.. oh and great cocktails :)

Was last in KW in May and ate at Turtle Kraals but wasn't too impressed with that, although surprisingly we did have great food at the Hard Rock?!

Nothing fancy schmancy for us guys, we like to keep it casual. Recs anyone?



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  1. Iguana Cafe
    Santiagos Bodega
    Mangia Mangia
    Salsa Loca
    Chicos Cantina

    1. Island Dogs has good burgers, wings and a killer hot dog!

      1. There is a cool pub called Finegans Wake. The food was really good . I always reccomend El Siboney for Cuban and Blue Heaven for breakfast. Have a great time. Juli

        1. El Siboney (as mentioned) is a great, cheap place to eat. I'm not as impressed with Blue Heaven as others are. I think they've become too touristy and expensive. Mangia Mangia is good, but I also like La Trattoria right on Duval Street. I've been dying to try Prime 951 for an expensive steak dinner, but I couldn't get the wife to go there last time we were down.
          I've had bad experiences at Caroline's (food quality, expecially for the price). Mangoes has some good dishes.

          I miss the Key West I used to go to about 20 years was a little touristy, but now it has gotten to the point that most restaurants down there are overpriced for mediocre food.

          1. Sarabeth's Kitchen, Croissants de France, Antonia's - eat at the bar, Salsa Loca.
            My husband doesn't eat most seafood or any fish and I'm allergic to lobster.
            Great cocktails at A & B happy hour.