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Oct 23, 2009 11:57 AM

Blue Duck Tavern, Marcel's or Kinkeads???

Going to see Streetcar Named Desire at Kennedy Center next week and would like to begin the evening with a spectacular meal. Also would be open to other recs, but these are the spots near the theatre that I haven't tried yet. Where would you spend you money?

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  1. I think Blue Duck is overrated for the entrees-but I do love their duck fat fries and bone marrow! It has been years since I have been to Kinkead's but I liked it a lot. I have not been to Marcel's. Have fun at dinner and the show...

    1. Kinkeads is slipping, and the setting is more business-lunch than pre-theatre fun. Blue Duck is lovely but I have had problems with service there. Marcel's would be my choice BY FAR. Romantic, extravagant food, and the service is divine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the car service to KC which then will take you back to the restaurant for dessert.

      1. Not even in the same balpark. BDT and Kinkead's are good meals, but Marcel's is truly outstanding.

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          Great! Making reservations at Marcels!

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            I sure wish that Marcel's web site worked with Firefox. I tried to see the menu, but the site malfunctions.

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              You sure you're going to the right website? Worked for me in IE/Firefox/Chrome...


          2. Blue Duck is overrated, but the service was a real disappointment not so much the food. Kinkead's is a little passed its day but still solid. Marcel's is one of the best spots in the city but i think more formal then the other two.

            1. I'm doing the same thing next week, and had reservations at Marcels. However, I went to trip advisor to read reviews and was alarmed at how negative they were with the recurring theme of the food being overpriced and pretty average, the inconsistent service (young people ignored- I'm young), and the hokey, tired decor. So I just cancelled my reservation. I don't mind spending a lot of money, but I want great food and great service. Seems like this could be a tall order for Marcels.

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                Great food and great service IS Marcel's.

                Strike that, superb food and superb service. Based on at least 8 visits over the past 4 years.

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                  All I can say is that the reviews from Trip Advisor must have been from competitors of Marcel's, or from people who would rather eat at Olive Garden.

                  The price is not cheap, but this is elegant, spectacular French food, with outstanding warm service, in one of the most romantic dining rooms in the city. One of the few places I will go to in the area for special occasions.

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                    And as a note I am young and always receive stellar service at Marcel's. But I am of the belief that your attitude helps set the tone for the service you receive. I love the decor. It is old school and charming to me- like a jewel box, not modern with clean lines, but I find that really comforting and cute. And the food is really incredible. The only thing that to me wasn't stunning was the souffle I had, and I think it wasn't the souffle's fault I am just not amazed by chocolate souffle. Everything else I would love to have again in a heartbeat.

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                    I just want to emphasize what tfbrennan, DanielK and ktmoomau have already said. Marcel's is one of the very best restaurants in DC and it's a shame that you cheated yourself out of the experience by cancelling your reservation. If I were you, I'd try to get it back. Marcel's is also possibly the best pre-theater restaurant experience in DC, considering that you get 3 courses for $52 AND a limo ride to and from the Kennedy Center! Considering what parking costs at the KenCen, that is an incredible deal!

                    Kennedy Center
                    2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20256