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Oct 23, 2009 11:56 AM

Visiting NYC

We're visting NYC between Thanksgiving and Christmas and would like recommendations for places to eat dinner Friday and Saturday nights. We've been to NYC a number of times before and we'd like to try something new. In the past we've usually eaten in and around mid-town. Looking for something that will work for 3 year old to well-traveled, well-heeled grandparents. Possibly in Chelsea, Tribeca, lower east side.

Anybody out there got some good ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Your quewstion is way too broad for you to get any meaningful replies. There are literally thousands of restaurants that fit you post.
    Narrowing things down a bit will help: any types pf food ypu particularly like or want to avoid. It helps to know where you're coming from to avoid recs for food specialities from your area (wouldn't want recs fro BBQ if you're from North Carolina),price range (actual dollar amount).
    More specifics = more recs.

    1. Where have you been on your previous trips? Knowing what you liked and/or disliked will also help us to narrow things down.