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Oct 23, 2009 11:42 AM

ISO Pannetone recipe

I found these wonderful pannetone papers/sleeve at my favourite cooking store. Now I want to use them. I have never made this before and would like your suggestions. I am interested in traditional pannetone or pandoro.

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  1. Here's one from King Arthur Flour. IMO, their recipes are very trustworthy.

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      I am sure this recipe (from King Arthur) is delightful (I may give it a try!). If you wish to be traditional, do keep reading through the recipe on the website to the comments beyond. A panettone does not usually contain either cranberries or pineapple in Italy. Also, if you want your sleeves to work well (I am assuming you have a panettone pan?) you need to heavily butter them.

      There are many recipes for Milanese panettone and they are a good place to start if you are seeking a relatively simple exploration of the art.

      I come from a true Italian family: I buy mine from the bakery! But a few years ago, I did try to go back to basics, cooking my own and learned the hard way that achieving that authentic higher than wide "crown" requires all the right equipment and the adroit use of a pizza stone in a conventional oven.

      1. re: LJS

        This is sounding more complicated than I thought. No, I don't have a pannetone pan. I am in a house sit and have a poorly stocked kitchen, so no pizza stone either. All I have are the papers!

        1. re: sarah galvin

          Hey, hold on a minute. I've heard all kinds of stories on this subject. Pannetone can be baked in spent coffee cans and even in tall clay pots -- the same kind you'd use for potted plants. I also remember specifically that the panettone should be hung upside down to cool so it doesn't deflate. HTH.

          Kinda like this -->

          1. re: Cheese Boy

            My mold is exactly as in that picture. I am reading the package (if all else fails) and it says 'no pan needed, self-standing but most bakers place on a cookie sheet'. Phew!

            It also says 'no greasing required'. Do I trust that?

    2. I've tried several recipes, and my favourite has been --

      The topping tastes lovely. I sometimes add Fior di Sicilia (from King Arthur Flour) for that unique panettone taste. It's good without it, as well.

      1. I like Nick Malgieri's recipe. This one is on Martha Stewart's site but I believe it is the same one I use.
        I vary the dried fruit to taste, especially because I like candied citron. This recipe can turn out a bit dry, though, if you're not careful about the baking time.

        1. Mold for Pandora is totally different from that of the panettone. I know many professional recipes but are written in Italian and I'm not very good with English.