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Thai Ice Tea in MTL?

Is there a place i could get Thai Ice Tea (with or without bubbles) in Montreal? I really really miss my thai ice tea.

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  1. i think they serve some at tapioca the near guy concordia area, but i've never tried it. i love thai tea, but haven't had the chance to drink any since i've been here.

    1. I have never seen it here, so I make my own with chai tea & sweetened condensed milk.

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        A few Thai restaurants have it but in general it's a rare find. I am referring to the original version not the one with bubbles. The last place i saw it was at a Thai restaurant in Rosemere, Laval. Sorry not verry helpful to you. Maybe check out online menus of thai restaurants at restomontreal.ca?

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          Do you find any of the Thai ice tea in Montreal good? I usually get mine at Talay Thai restaurant, but I don't have any other Thai ice tea to compare it to.

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            No, the few times I have had it here, it has been below average. It has a smoky/ashy taste that I find revolting; not at all like what I had in Thailand and some places in the US.

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              Now I know what you mean(smoky/ashy taste). Any Thai Ice Tea in Montreal, that doesn't have that?

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                I haven't come across any that don't have that taste. I have given up on finding a decent one here.

      2. I just checked my takeout menu for Talay Thai, and they have Thai iced tea on the menu - #67, $2.75.

        5697 Cote-des-Neiges, corner Cote-Ste-Catherine (a stone's throw from the Jewish General!)

        1. La Thailande on Bernard also has the original Thai iced tea.

          1. I just bought some imported thai ice tea in a can from a place called Thaiphoon (i think) on union street between pres. kennedy and maisonneuve. i think there is an entrance to the mcgill metro station next door.

            it was pretty good, but a bit stronger than what i am used to, so, i added milk to it.

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              I've on occasion get Thai ice tea in the can.

            2. A few years later and a heat wave, I am wondering if there are any new Thai Iced Tea leads. Any other refreshing Asian beverages that you would recommend? (Other than bubble tea)

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                The Hong Kong milk tea at Harmonie and other places like M.M. Legende is pretty similar to Thai iced tea. The Korean citron tea is another very refreshing and delicious option at Harmonie.


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                  that was 8 months 2 weeks ago today.

                  Since then, i have discovered that many of the groceries in china town carry the imported cans of iced tea and they only cost 1 dollars each. I should have updated the post, but i totally forgot about it.

                  I am now planning on going to Marche Hawai and trying to find other big asian grocery stores to see if they don't carry it in cases at cheaper prices.

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                    I've been making boricha (also called muricha) - a Korean/Japanese tea made with roasted barley. Bought a bag of 100% roasted barley at the Korean store on Sherbrooke near Beaconsfield and have been making this tea, iced, for the last few days. Delicious and refreshing - and no caffeine.

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                      @kpzoo Do you put milk in it?

                      @hala I often find the canned Thai iced teas far too sweet. Which brand are you drinking?

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                          @mainsqueese. You're right, it's too sweet. I mix it with a little bit of milk. Do you know anywhere that does not make it too sweet? I do sometimes make my own so i can sweeten it how i want, but that's not always practical.

                    2. calorie on the st. catherine. It's fresh and not too sweet.

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                        Are you talking about Calories the dessert place across from Westmount Square? They have Thai iced tea?