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Oct 23, 2009 11:15 AM

Fine Dining/ Must Go Restaurants in Seoul?

Hi there!

I need some help with finding some amazing restaurants in Seoul. I'll be there next year from 3/7 to 3/11, and I'm having a very difficult time finding places. I have seen that Pierre Gagniere has an outpost there; is there anywhere else? Also, great street food reccommendations would be appreciated as well!


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  1. Hi there!

    1. My first choice definitely would have been Tasty BLVD, but its main chef Randy Choi has left the restaurant and he is currently planning to open a new restaurant next February. So I think you will be able to make it. I will update on any new information regarding his new restaurant.

    A glimps at Randy's culinary art when he was workiong at Tasty BLVD:
    * hairy crab dinner:
    * monthly special dinner:
    * In the mean time, he is operating a burger shop:

    2. Chef M.J. Park, who was the first Korean that ever worked under Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, has recently opened a French bistro called "Bien-Etre". Although he calls his establishment a 'bistro', food served there is more of fine dining. It is currently my most favorite French restaurant in Seoul. A six course dinner is around 60,000 Won (about U$50) Reservation only. tel: (02) 543-3288. (I think chef Park can speak French).
    * Please refer to:

    3. The Ninth Gate Grille
    Located inside the Westin Chosun Hotel. They use a lot of Korean or Asian ingredients to make French food. Their weeked set lunch & dinner prices are also so attractive! You can choose one out of each a la carte category (appetizer, main course, dessert) and 3 course lunch is 50,000 Won (about U$40), 4 course lunch 65,000 Won (about U$55), 3 course dinner is 80,000 Won (about U$70), 4 course dinner (about U$80), all inclusive of tip & tax. Considering that its weekday regular price for only main course is around 45,000 Won - 60,000 Won (U$38 - 50) plus 10% tip and 10% tax, it is really a bargain. Book a window seat and go! :


    * lunch posting:
    * dinner posting:

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      Jeong SikDang - Young well-traveled chef inspired by the Ferran Adria New Spanish school

      Star Chef - Popular Korean bistro

      Kitchen (W Seoul
      )The W Hotel's restaurant has gotten good marks and has been at the forefront of making Korean cuisine for fine dining without the stuffiness

      I've heard mixed about Pierre Gagnaire's restaurant, but mostly good.