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Cheesesteaks in DC? Any suggestions?

My work colleagues are going to be throwing a shower for a Philly native. Would love to be able to serve this. In a perfect world we'd be able to find sliders (baby shower), but we'd definitely go for the better tasting/more authentic option. Does Taylor St. do these? We couldn't find them on the menu. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. JJ's Cheesesteaks at 14th and U has just opened. I haven't been so I can't speak for the quality.

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      I just had a 'build your own' from JJ's. Very very good. I got the cheese steak with L/T/sautéed onions, turkey bacon, black olives, provolone, and hot sauce. Was fairly busy for 2pm. Did not try the fries, however they looked delicious.


    2. I would contact South Street Steaks in Bethesda and see what they would do for you. They have authentic Philly Cheesesteaks served on Amorosa rolls sent in from Philly each day

      1. on WAMU they were talking about DC foods and segued into legit cheesesteaks, I don't remember any of them except for Philly Cheesesteak Factory. They make them on Amorosa rolls and have cheese wiz (you have to ask for it though) The one in Georgetown burned up and the only other locations I know of are in Tysons Mall and Duke Street in Alexandria.

        1. Here's a detailed description of the cheesesteak at Philadelphia Water Ice Factory on H Street NE. It contains a link to the City Paper review that lists their Top Three.

          This is a really good sandwich. Some say the best in town and the closest to the real thing.
          Just a window out to the street, a few doors down from the Palace of Wonders. It's a block down from Taylor, and around the corner from Horace and Dickie's so we have a hard time deciding up on H Street.
          The cheesesteaks are pretty juicy so you should ask how long they'll hold up. And you might want to make arrangements ahead of time for a big order.

          1. Cheesesteaks survive about 10 minutes, max, after being made before the sandwich just becomes a soggy mess. I think they only way to do cheesesteaks at a shower is to have the shower where the cheesesteaks are made, whether that's at a restaurant or catered.

            Thing is, by definition, a decent cheesesteak is found at a hole-in-the-wall, not exactly the venue for a shower.

            What about soft pretzels?

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              how about italian hoagies with the soft pretzels

            2. Another vote for South Street Steaks in either Gaithersburg or Bethesda. No more College Park location.

              Friends who've lived in Philly say it's the closest thing they've had to the real thing!

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                Yep. South Street is the deal. I've had steaks at all the classic Philly joints and South Street in Bethesda does the trick around these parts. Many of the sandwich components are from Philly. One of the key things many spots miss is the roll. South Street doesn't.

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                  I love the cheesesteaks there. How are the hoagies? I'm really missing a good hoagie.

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                    best hoagies are at other spots--mangialardos, a literie, and italian store.

              2. The best Cheesesteak in the Area is Al's in Del Rey. It is the real deal.

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                  Al's does not have a lot in common with a Philly-style cheesesteak, other than the ingredient list.

                  South Street does indeed come the closest to a real Philly joint, says this Philly-born guy. And their Italian Hoagie is pretty good, too, though far inferior to my Philly favorite, Lee's.

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                    The steak in the Al's cheesesteak could not have less flavor if they tried. It "looks" like a great cheesesteak, but I don't buy them to look at them.

                2. I'm in NoVA now but a Philly antive. I agree that I don't think the cheesesteaks will keep well (nice thought though!). Soft pretzels are definitely a good idea, maybe tomato pie (not sure if you can even get that around here actually), hoagies (again, can't recommend a specific place other than Wawa - sad), maybe some Italian water ice - Rita's are all over around here.

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                    If possible, I'd love to hear your take on the philly at Jimmy's in Herndon, and a sandwich such as the Hot Sicilian at The Deli, also in Herndon (and there's a Fairfax location - and also not "A Deli" at Worldgate).

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                      Hey cookie44, have you tried the hoagies from Taylor Gourmet? Good stuff!

                      Taylor Gourmet
                      1116 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002