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Oct 23, 2009 11:08 AM

"The Restaurant" or "Last Restaurant Standing" (as Americans call it)

New series starts on BBC next week. Similar format to the previous two.

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  1. Thanks, Harters. Assume we in the U.S. will have to wait a little longer for it. BTW, do you know if the winners of season 2 ever opened a restaurant with the host?

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    1. re: intuitive eggplant

      Yep. Opened in the summer:

      Looking at the map, I see I pass nearby on my infrequent trips to the south east so may be able to pop in for lunch if the time is right.

    2. I enjoy watching the series, but the ultimate point does not seem that successful, so far. The couple from the first season gave up their restaurant after a few months. The second season winners were delayed in starting their restaurant due to the bad economy.

      Kind of like Next Food Network Star. Not many "stars" are created.

      1. I enjoy this show and look forward to its return on BBC-America, unfortunately it doesn't come until the Spring.

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        1. re: Justpaula

          I hope someone lets us know when it starts. I don't watch much BBC america, but loved that show last season. I did crack me up (as an american) that they felt the need to subtitle Raymond Blanc often, while leaving the Brits unsubtitled. This, of course, makes sense in the UK, but here, I found RB *much* easier to understand than a few of the contestants (loved the woman who kept pronouncing it Sir Walter Reilly).

          1. re: LulusMom

            Interesting that they subtitle RB for you - they don't here. But then he speaks much better English than I do French.

            I recall a thread discussing the first series when a number of Americans had difficulty understanding some of our regional accents. But then, when I visit the US, I'm often asked if I'm from New Zealand. And, no, my accent is nothing like the Kiwi one.

            I think we probably struggle less with American accents as there's so many on TV imports and film.

            1. re: Harters

              I like to think I understand most British accents (my first MIL was from Southampton, my current in-laws from Scotland - lord knows where the next batch will be from - kidding!). I've been to visit many times, but there were some accents on that particular series I found I couldn't follow. Never had a problem with RB.
              But VERY odd that they don't subtitle him for you but do for us.

              Now, I can see confusing an Aussie accent with a Kiwi accent, but never a Brit with a Kiwi. I think some americans just think anything from the empire sounds the same (therefore V. Beckham sounds like Prince C).

              1. re: LulusMom

                I don't think it's odd that the don't subtitle RB here - his English is pretty good and easy to understand. I LOVE Raymond and his accent - my leetle vege-tables has become a catchphrase in our house!

        2. So are they changing the format this season so that they don't get their own restaurants? I was surprised that Raymond didn't cut the team that just layed out some bad smoked salmon like he did last season with the team that just mixed mango puree with cream.

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          1. re: gyc

            Well, he was right to cut the ones trying to open a tin with a knife. And, yes, I'm surprised he didnt also cut the smoked salmon couple . But then, mum & son had no clue about the concept of their restaurant - for heaven's sake, they have weeks if not months to prepare from when they first apply to when they actually start filming.

            And it does look as if they may be changing the format. Next week seems to have them all cooking at chain restaurants. Had to admire the bottle of the hospital chef if cooking Raymond's signature choccie fondant - even if he did overcook it. But arent there some absolutely useless cooks! I mean - absolutely useless.

          2. Ahha. On to the restaurants.

            Thought this weeks challenge of working in a chain restaurant was good and certainly showed up those for whom there is probably no glimmer of hope. Nice to see local mini-chain, Tampopo, feature alongside the big players (Mrs H vaguely knows the company's founder as they both used to work for the same employer).

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            1. re: Harters

              The episode was certainly very interesting, and a good way to judge how the contestants would handle the pressure of running their own restaurants.

              I would say that the pairs that were assigned to the Asian stir-fry chain, especially the bartending duo, drew the short end of the stick. Wok frying technique, especially being able to handle the high heat from the special wok burners, definitely takes some practice, and seemed much harder than making pizzas or rolling sushi. I was very impressed that the other chef was able to handle it with such ease, although it might've been expected since he's one of the few contestants that actually has professional kitchen experience.

              I will be looking forward to the next episode since we'll actually be able to see how each of the groups handle their own restaurants.