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Oct 23, 2009 10:44 AM

Restaurants in Lancaster

I am going with 3 girlfriends to a bridge tournament in Lancaster next week. We are staying at the Host Farm and we're looking for restaurants fairly close by as our time for meals is somewhat limited. Is there anything decent?

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  1. What types of food are you looking for and how close? Most around the Host are chains or tourist traps -- Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Cracker Barrel, Miller's Smorgasbord. Isaacs on Greenfield Road is a nice sandwich shop, Ashton's Cafe (probably not open on Sunday) is in the same plaza. They have good sandwiches also, plus a salad and soup bar. I haven't been to Olive and Jasmine Asian Bistro in awhile but it was decent. Lemon Grass Thai restaurant across from Rockvale Outlets was good last I went there. Maybe someone else can think of something great that is nearby. Good luck.

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      Thanks for the recommendations. I remembered that there was supposed to be a good Thai restaurant near the outlets but I couldn't remember its name. We'll definitely try Lemon Grass. I know that part of Lancaster is a "chain restaurant paradise" so thanks for the suggestions of independent restaurants.

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        Olive and Jasmine is very good as well, so I wouldn't rule that out. You can't really go wrong with either if you want to stay near the Host.

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        I go to Olive and Jasmine Asian Bistro quite often. In that particular part of Lancaster, I think it's the best dining option by far. It's also BYO, always a plus in my book.

      3. LOL I'll be at that tournament too. We have reservations at Strawberry Hill.
        We go whenever we are in town.
        Lemon Grass used to be very good. Haven't been in a while.

        1. Not too far from the Host is Sugar Plums and Tea, a cute place that serves high tea. This is not quick, but might be nice to stop in before you leave the area for a fun ladies lunch. Their website is

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            Thanks for all the suggestions. We're leaving tomorrow morning and are planning 2 lunches and dinners between bridge sessions. I'm happy to know that we won't be forced to eat at chain restaurants.

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              Going to same tournament, for authentic Penn Dutch, I recommend this

              you can find coupons for a couple dollars off online.

              Cheap and 1/2 way decent(particularly the greek food) is


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                Conestoga is also a good breakfast option.