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Oct 23, 2009 10:23 AM

Check Please-Westchester/HV style

There is a TV show (I watch the podcast version) called Check Please (unfortunately they don't have a NY version of this show, I watch the SF Bay area one) and the premise is for 3 guests (they have different people each week from all walks of life) to pick their favorite restaurants and have the other 2 guests go to that restaurant, so they are each going to each others favorite restaurant) and then they review them. They go anywhere from a hole in the wall to 5 star restaurant. After they visit the restaurant (the restaurant doesn't know that they are visiting) they go in there with cameras and show you the ambiance of the restaurant as well as many of the dishes that they serve. So my question to you is if they had a Westchester/HV version of this show, which restaurant would you choose as your favorite?

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  1. If it included the entire Hudson Valley I'd pick The Basement Bistro. Hands down the best restaurant in Hudson Valley, Westchester, New York City and probably the country.

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      hmmmm, sounds like a destination place. I've seen it mentioned on the boards but have never ventured up there. Sounds like a find. I'm still trying to think of mine but I wish they really had a show like this for our area.

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        Basement Bistro is definitely a destination restaurant. Reservations are very hard to get so I'd recommend calling well in advance of when you'd like to go, months ahead. I'm still trying to get a second reservation and its been over a year.

    2. Poppy's on Main Street in Beacon. It's not a hole in the wall, but it's not fancy. You order at the counter and they bring your food to you. Their main offerings are burgers, but they also offer veggie burgers, and various sandwich specials. The reason why I'd bring someone there is because it's probably the best burger I've ever had! The beef comes from cows that are raised on Kiernan Farms, in Ulster County. The beef is grass fed. The potatoes for the french fries are organic and are also grown on that farm. My mom and dad were skeptical when I told them about this place, but I took each of them during the past couple of months and they loved it. And they have interesting burger toppings such as a delicious jalapeno aioli. The chef/owner is a great guy, and I went there so often in the span of a couple of months that he knows me now. He said he wanted to open a burgers/fries place to show that organic/local food doesn't necessarily need to be just vegetarian or meet the ideals of what people would traditionally think of as being organic.

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        Poppy's is a great addition to Beacon. They do have really excellent burgers.

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          So, speaking of food shows, and Poppy's, the chef at Poppy's was on "Chopped" on the Food Network last night and he won! So happy for him. Wonder if this will cause business to boom!

        2. re: Solstice444

          this sounds awesome solstice444; thanks for the heads up! i'm always on the lookout for a great burger, and i usually head to the raccoon saloon when in the area, so it's nice knowing there's another place right across the river. also in beacon, i love that soul food place bj's on main street as well, ever try it? last time i was there, i had a mini sweet potato pie that was still warm ~ what a treat. there's always a big ole layer cake sitting on the counter too, something that always makes me happy! they have typical stuff like fried chicken, fish, ribs, etc. i havent eaten non-dessert stuff there in awhile, but my friend had a pulled pork sandwich that was really good, but this is goin back like 5 years ago probably.

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            I was very curious about BJ's. Glad to hear the food is good. I'll have to check it out soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

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              I've never been to BJs but I'll check it out, thanks!

            2. re: Solstice444

              Dads are skeptical? Hard to believe ;-) I concur with Solstice's assessment of Poppy's. Now, anytime I have a burger, I find myself comparing it to Poppy's, which imo, sets the standard.

            3. X20 in Yonkers, no question. However, I wouldn't send anyone there at sunset and give them the table near the back door.

              Best restaurant in Westchester.

              That said, I wouldn't watch ANY food/cake/restaurant reality show, they are all moronic.

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                I don't normally watch them either, I only watched it since someone I knew was on it. But then again even though I do love food, I'm just not into the Food Network's shows (of any sort) in general.