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Oct 23, 2009 10:20 AM

Birthday Dinner in Palm Springs Area

I am planning a birthday party for my mother in law on a saturday night. There will be 8 of us (5 adults and 3 young kids). We are staying in Palm Desert but will travel if the restaurant is good. We are open to cuisine but the food must be good. I'd like to keep it to around $20 per person, excluding alcohol, but give me your suggestions for anything as we are open if it's worth it.

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  1. I like La Casuelas in Rancho Mirage..the patio is gorgeous and the Mex food is decent and you can keep it around $20 per person.

    1. You may laugh at first, but the buffet dinner at The Spa Resort and Casino is really good. Oasis Buffet. ~ ~ They cook fresh right there in front of you in a few cuisines, they have juicy tri-tip, mac, fresh stir fry, a Mexican bar, mac & cheese for the kids, fish, and more, not to mention the incredible dessert bar. Good service, and the young kids won't have to wait in a fancy place for their food. Buffets are often stale and uninteresting, but this Oasis Buffet in teh Spa Resort and Casino is really good food. Not French fancy, but fresh and delicious, and what a variety ! I think you just might agree this is a good place for all ages.