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Oct 23, 2009 10:11 AM

Birthday weekend in Newport, RI, November 6-8 (Restaurant Week)

Hi fellow hounders! First time going to Newport and was wondering if anyone had any lunch/dinner recommendations. We love all kinds of food especially shellfish. Also, any thoughts on restaurant week? I was interested in going to "Spiced Pear" or "Castle Hill" for a special evening but not sure if the "restaurant week" prefixed menu is a great idea; is it good enough for dinner or should I just stick to that sort of thing for lunch. P.S. I'm a big boy, so one little scallop on my plate as part of the restaurant week dinner menu isn't going to do me justice. Thanx in advance for any advice.

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  1. any help???? does anyone here frequent/live in RI????

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. From what you said, for a birthday, I would say either The West Deck or The Clark Cooke House. Neither are "seafood"restaurants but both have great food and a great vibe. They would both be a fun birthday choice. Spiced Pear is nice for drinks but they might be "one scallopy".

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          I like drinks at Castle Hill for something fun and celebratory, and then a low key dinner in town -- Clarke Cooke house is great. Also LOVE Mama Luisa's!

        2. I havent been in a few years (although I did love it) but a lot on this board rave about Scales and Shells for seafood.
          I am not sure if you are planning on a nice brunch but we really love going to Castle Hill for it rather than for dinner

          1. As far as restaurant week goes...I might recommend it for lunch. I haven't found that Newport does restaurant week as well as other cities i've been to like Boston and DC. Some of the restaurants in Newport just take their normal (and cheapest) menu items and slap together a restaurant week menu. My expectation is for them to give you something interesting that showcases their talents. But that said, i looked at the menus for next week and some places do look like they are improving. I assume you have already checked out
            I've eaten at Spiced Pear, but not Castle Hill. I would say you can't go wrong with either for a very upscale meal....but maybe stick to the regular menu unless the rest. week menu really jumps out at you. Where you eat might depend on where you are staying if you want to stick to walking. Zeldas is a great cozy restaurant with a fun bar on lower Thames. Across the street is Scales and Shells if you want straightforward fish. At Washington Square is Yesterdays and you can see if they are still doing their Oktoberfest menu, its pretty tasty and good assortment of beer. if you want big portions of pasta in casual setting, try Pasta Beach on Memorial. Lots of places i could recommend...let me know if you want anything more specific.

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              Zelda is great! I've always had awesome food and great service there for a reasonable price.