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Oct 23, 2009 09:56 AM

Chop Bar - Oakland

This is the former site of the short-lived Mono. They've opened up the space and added some semi-outdoor seating. Breakfast, lunch, dinner seven days. Seems like a major neighborhood hangout.

One exception to their generally locavore focus is amazing Kentucky ham from Colonel Bill Newsom. Looks like prosciutto, taste and texture similar to Iberico but smoky.

I also had some shrimp, "Yucatan-style" broiled oysters, and pork ribs, all good. Tried all five wines on tap, all good values. They have four good local beers on tap, too. Selection of coffees in the morning.

Great place, I'm looking forward to going back soon.

The menu's on their blog:

Chop Bar
247 4th St, #111, Oakland, CA 94607

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  1. I saw this place on yelp and thrillist with mostly good reviews , but very small portions for the $
    What do you think and others

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    1. re: mustardgirl

      A group of us ate their this past Monday. VERY good food. We were a fairly large group so we tasted a number of the dishes.

      First off, the people who work/own this restaurant are really friendly and warm; good hearted and service oriented. Without a word from us, they brought out platters of tortilla chips and homemade guac and salsa. Very nice way to start the meal. We were also treated to the black pepper popcorn.

      Wine is on tap and at least the one that I sampled was surprisingly good and (gasp!) cheap. The Rhone red was 6 bucks a glass. There are supposed to be four local brews on tap, as well. Not that night, my folks could only try two. Because CB's tap focuses on small local breweries the restaurant has to depend on sometimes erratic delivery by the brewers. I believe that several Belgiums in glass are available and at least one person in our group was delighted with his choice.

      The food. Now that was fun. I ordered the green salad with goat cheese and a potato gratin with fiscalini cheddar. Both dishes were very good, but the combination of the vinegar based dressing in the salad with the depth of warm cheesiness of the potato dish was nothing short of a mouth miracle.

      We also sampled the charcuterie. A nice taste of several meats, particularly a salame and ham. Nothing overly fancy about the dish, but for those meat eaters out there, somthing worth a try. I belileve the pickles and mustard (not hot but very flavorful) were housemade.

      Another of the gang tried a sweet potato gnocchi. I was worried that the dish would somehow be bizarrly sweet. Not so. Creamy texture and rich, but not sickeningly sweet.

      Besides the potatoes, the star of the night's food fest was the pork shank. Now, there's an amazing dish. Served with some kind of potenta, that pork was REALLY porky with just the right texture - not mushy but not tough.

      The last dish that I tried was a warm bean and chorizo casserole. I think I was too full by this time. Lot's of chorizo with the beans but not a standout in either texture or flavor.

      Service was casual, but so were we, so no worries there. We were about ten people and our bill came to about 150.00 (without tip) including lots of beer and wine.

      Jesse who supervises the house and may be one of the owners hung out with us, talking food and the neighborhood and just being a friendly and informative, but not intrusive, presence.


      Chop Bar
      247 4th St, #111, Oakland, CA 94607

      1. re: mustardgirl

        I thought the portions were fine. Bill seemed reasonable for the quality.