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Oct 23, 2009 09:50 AM

Super foodies headed to Asheville (Grove Park Inn) for the weekend

Will be heading to Grove Park Inn & Spa this weekend & curious to know if anyone has dined at the Grove Park Inn's restaurants? My husband & I are serious food/wine lovers. I checked out the menus from all of the restaurants within Grove Park & the only one one that seems of interest is the Horizon's Dining Room. We are not tied to dining just at the Inn. Willing to venture out downtown.
Have been researching other restaurants in Asheville: Savoy, Fig Bistro & Table are on my short list. Are we missing anything?

Thanks so much!

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  1. My advice would be to: Skip Horizon's and Savoy.
    Add: The Admiral (don't be turned off by the atmosphere, it is arguably the best restaurant in town), Zambra's. Fig is great and Table is as well, although to a lesser extent.

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      I agree with the above. Skip all food at the Grove Park, also skip Savoy. Admiral is fantastic, Zambra was my first choice for dinner in Asheville until I finally figured out the Admiral. I also like Fig, I only diverge in that I do not care for Table, despite how good the menu looks, the execution disappoints (IMHO)

    2. Spent a lovely day in the spa two weekends ago and then had the 3 for $30 menu for a latae supper on the Sunset Terrace. Thought it was a good value but don't get the lemon cake. All the other meals were out of the hotel. Early Girl was a delight. Definitely don't be surprised when you first see The Admiral. Certainly worth a visit!

      1. Admiral--yes, yes, yes! Otherwise, I agree with Danna, except that I'm slightly more ambivalent about Fig. (Have only been once, though, and need to try it again.)