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Tuscan House Toms River

Curious if anyone had any info on this new restaurant on Hooper ave in Toms River, at the old Ground Round location

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  1. met one of the owners a few weeks ago... they sound like they're going for more than the usual red sauce fare and they're VERY serious about the wine offerings

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      Let's hope for a nice list of super Tuscan's at affordable prices! Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Solaia, etc....we'll see! Would also love to see a nice list of Barolo somewhere. -mJ

    2. I appreciate all of your optimism, but I refuse to hold out any hope for any "Italian" restaurant in Ocean County.

      1. Now open.

        Tuscan House
        1250 Hooper Ave, Toms River, NJ 08753

        1. My father and I took a gamble and tried this out on Tuesday evening. Let me preface my one-line review by saying this, my expectations weren't very high going in and luckily they succeeded in just barely hitting my already low-placed bar.

          OK, my overall impression which summed up both mine and Dad's thoughts?

          "They've spent a LOT of money on everything at his place except the food."

          Boring menu, cheap ingredients, tasteless dishes, mediocre bar-out-of-a-box bar, tons of wasted space, oddly laid out dining room.

          Toms River again impresses...

          1. I noticed that Tuscan House is finally open, yet their website has not been updated to show a menu, hours, etc. Does anybody know where on the internet I can see the menu???? I emailed them and got no response.......

            1. Miserable, awful, horrible, what other adjectives can I use to describe this place. First, looks like nothing more than a glorified cafeteria. Second, service deplorable. Third, food awful. What can they do to make a chicken pannini unedible you ask? How about cold, chewy chicken and equally rubbery allegedly "hot" pasta salad. According to the manager, Mike, they are "still working the kinks out." Well, it would seem that prior to opening the food "kinks" should have been worked out. Don't waste your time or money going here. The manager graciously offered to have us return for larger quantities of food at dinner (we were there for lunch). The dinner menu is essentially the same as the luncheon menu, just higher priced. Give his place a couple of months before it closes. Even according to the hostess as we were leaving "there have been nothing but complaints these past couple of weeks." They could offer us a five course dinner for 100 people and I wouldn't return!

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                I disagree, Jackie C; I think it'll be there for a very long time. Flashy mediocrity has a way of hanging around in Toms River.

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                  I believe "flashy mediocrity" is required by the Dover Township charter.

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                    has anyone been there recently?......I have a dinner date there this week.

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                      Lately only for drinks. I've had some apps in the past which were decent. I understand that they are in the process of revising their menu. Good luck.

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                        Thanx bgut1.........I'm hoping for the best....fingers crossed....will report back soon.

                        Thank you

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                          I was there three weeks ago after a funeral. Apps weren't bad, they brought out some calamari, some bread and salad. My entree was not good, some type of steak, pounded thin and breaded, overdone and like shoe leather. The other choices were some chicken dish which everyone at our table who ordered it seemed to like, and a pasta dish which my wife ate half of so she didn't appear rude to the hosts.

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                            It is a Shame that these restaurants spend all this Money on a Beautiful Place, YET have NO IDEA how to Prepare FOOD!!!!
                            Lets hope they find someone who KNOWS how to cook Good Quality Italian Food. Until then Please Stop going .....
                            I think it is the same owner as Tiffany's(another JOKE)
                            Stick with Broadcasting football games and leave the coking to the Professionals....
                            I have been to both Places aND YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL....
                            IT IS A SHAME....

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                              Thanks everyone for the honest reviews....I have since cancelled our reservations for 7 for this evening at the Tuscan House and have made other plans which is pretty difficult being it's graduation week around here .........

              2. I ate here last night. Not bad at all and service was excellent. I had a fruits de mar pasta, clams, mussels, shrimp and calamari over linguine in a spicy marinara. I didn't find it too be too spicy but it was very good. Now was it a 5-star restaurant? Not at all but I don't think that's their target. I would say its a good choice for families because everyone can find something they like.

                I would try their pizza. They are very proud of it and their wood fire oven. My meal came with bread which looked like baked pizza crust. It was very good.

                Tuscan House
                1250 Hooper Ave, Toms River, NJ 08753

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                  Passed by last night...now they have 2 or 3 big hugh banners on the roofs saying
                  "NEW MENU, GREATER VALUE".............. Hmmmmm? when I see that I'm thinking business is not going good. Does anyone know whats going on there?