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Blue Ginger!! What To Order?

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Taking my wife soon to Ming's Blue Ginger! She Has a crush on him and I am secure. What is a Great dish to order, apps and Main Course. Also anywhere nearby for drinks and Desert? Thanks

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  1. Foie Shumai for an app.

    1. Black Cod or Butterfish....depending on what it is named on the menu or specials list.

      If Ming is in the house, you can request he sign a daily menu or autograph a purchased in house cookbook, or one brought in from your personal collection.

      1. Call ahead to see if you can find out when Ming is around. He's happy to be in a pic w/ you.

        The butterfish is always a safe thing to get. Avoid the indian noodles...

        1. The Shumai are great. I also am a fan of the Chilean Sea Bass/Black Cod/Butterfish dish. The Lobster looks pretty, but not much there. There was Hanger Steak ont he menu last time I was there, and it was well done.
          First time we were there, Ming personally brought our entrees out, sat down and chatted with us.

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            There was Hanger Steak ont he menu last time I was there, and it was well done.

            It was well done, good.....or well done temperature? I've also had the Hanger Steak, which was very good, tasty and tender.....When I had it, it was marinated in Sake, then grilled from the menu description from what I recall.....this was about 4-5 years ago if I can recall correctly.

          2. Agree with the butterfish, foie gras shumai and avoid the noodles. Too much tumeric. If the miso bass with soba sushi is on that's good too.

            1. As others have said the Alaskan Butterfish/Black Cod is delicious. If they will let you order "Mings Bings" which are only on the lounge menu the 3 meat offerings (duck, pork or cheeseburger) are delicious, especially the cheeseburger "bing". I would stay away from the Black Pepper Lobster. The Rack of Lamb is also very good.

              1. spring rolls with chili dipping sauce are very good.

                1. Thank you all for responding. Great Help. I hope Ming is around it would make My Wife's night. Funny thing is I have seen him at starbucks in Newton and Brookline but only with my kids.