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Oct 23, 2009 09:30 AM

Best Thai in Palm Beach County (Central)?

I've had my faves here (A-1, Tub Tim), but they each have drawbacks, so looking for other suggestions. Wattana maybe? Orchids of Siam? Haven't had Thai in months but it sounds so good this weekend...

Thanks for your recs!


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  1. orchids of siam is awesome, congress and forest hill, we drive 30 miles just for take out

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      Try Thai is really good. Its a little hole in the wall in the corner of a shopping center on Federal just north of Woolbright. Very nice people and they do spicy right.

    2. You will be delighted with Talay Thai. I discoverd it duting flavor palm beach on a fluke, and weve been back weekly! On PGA Blvd right off the turnpike. best pad thai ever. and he can do 5 stars like a champ.

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        Have you ever tried Thai Grand Palace near Abacoa at Donald Ross and Military? My only visit was very good. The only thing is not to order anything as too overly hot. 4 stars heat was way too much for me and I am no wimp.

        I'll have to check out Talay Thai...thanks.

        Thai Grand Palace
        5500 Military Trl Ste 14, Jupiter, FL 33458

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          I can't say it's the best in PBC b/c I haven't been to many thai restos in the area. But I can say this place is very good. Lunch entrees are around $8 and try the summer rolls (not on the lunch menu but can be ordered). Service was very good as well. Dinner menu's chef specialties run $22-28 and other entrees $15.

          Talay Thai was voted BEST NEW RESTAURANT (INDEPENDENT) by Charles Passy's Hungries Awards in the PB Post. It is located at southwest corner of PGA and the Turnpike in LA Fitness center (formerly Publix). It is pretty nice inside and they have a full bar to eat at if you care to.

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            This link option isn't working that great

            Talay Thai Cuisine
            7100 Fairway Dr, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

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              If you like diluted tasteless thai food then Talay is your place ! Wattana and Grand Palace are ok. In truth I am use to the real cuisine having been to S E Asia 12 times and love their food, but I really have to make my own Thai food at home (I grow all the herbal ingredients in my garden). All of the Thai places just add hot pepper seeds to adjust your level of "heat" instead of using the excellent fresh thai chili that have their own delicious aroma. If you want only the best make it yourself and get the recipes from a google search

              1. re: surgeon

                Diluted and tasteless are the exact opposites of what I would call Talay Thai. For the record, there are absolutely no chili pepper seeds in their food. Any knowledgeable person knows seeds have a bitter taste and should not be used for cooking.

                Also, seeds are not the source of the heat. It is the chili's membrane in which the seed is attached to that contains all of the capsaicin.

        2. Try Thai is really good. Its a little hole in the wall in the corner of a shopping center on Federal just north of Woolbright. Very nice people and they do spicy right

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            I'm a huge fan of Talay Thai. Chef/Owner Charlie will visit your table, make you an authentic dish if you'd like and has a great Thai Basil Martini. Another favorite of mine, though more casual than Talay Thai is Peppermint Thai in Royal Palm Beach.