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Oct 23, 2009 09:29 AM

Halp! Detroit eats tonight.

I planned to drive out from Ann Arbor and eat at Slow's with a friend tonight, but I've read that the line can be crazy. We have other plans and don't have hours that we can wait. And after waiting last night for a disappointing meal at Zingerman's Roadhouse, I'm not in the mood for another wait.

A coney is too downscale, and I'm not really in the mood for pizza. Any other suggestions for Detroit-specific food? Thanks!

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  1. Slows will indeed have lines on a weekend night. Try the Roma Cafe on Riopelle in the Eastern Market. Oldest restaurant in the city. Decent old-school Italian with several good dishes--I'm partial to the Hay and Straw. Actually have never eaten there on Friday, but they do some sports shuttles, so they should be relatively fast. More expensive than Slows, though.

    For cheap, fast food I'd go to Mexicantown. I'd recommend El Barzón, but they now have lines on Friday too. Could try El Comal on Vernor--good, basic food from around Central America.

    Funky, longtime Wayne State area favorite--the Traffic Jam & Snug, Canfield and Second. Food has ups and downs, but never bad.

    Superior deli sandwiches (no liquor): Mudgie's in Corktown, open until 9 last I saw.

    Greektown area on Monroe has Pizza Papalis, Greek standards; all places would be pretty quick.

    Specific to Detroit and a few other cities: Polish food in Hamtramck, Polonia, Polish Village.

    Tom's Oyster Bar on Jefferson: simple seafood, fast and competent.

    1. Great recommendations from Jim...I just wanted to add one more.

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        I like Union Street on Woodward....

        I had lunch at Slows BBQ yesterday - large group so we had a reservation and didn't have to wait, and it was the best food I have eaten this whole year anywhere. I had the brisket on their Charles Bronson salad with the spicy sauce and I am still dreaming about it.