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Breakfast in Southeast Valley (Phoenix)?

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Please provide recommendations on where to get a good breakfast in the Southeast Valley region of Phoenix. We adore Matt's Big Breakfast for its simple but quality ingredients, generous portions and overall deliciousness. But its quite a drive from our home, so I'd love to have somewhere a little closer where we could get eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and other breakfast delights on a lazy Saturday morning.

We are in NW Chandler (near Alma School and Warner) so Chandler, Tempe, South Scottsdale, West Mesa or Gilbert are all doable.

Thank you!

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  1. You didn't say if you are open to chains, but I highly recommend Mimi's for breakfast. There is one in Chandler at 101/Chandler Blvd. (kitty-corner from the mall). The fall is the best time to go there b/c they have their fabulous pumpkin pancakes. Also, my DH swears by their corned beef hash.

    1. I may have answered my own question! (I have a hard time getting the results I want using the search function on these boards for whatever reason).


      However, if there are other or more recent suggestions, please keep them coming.

      And I would prefer it not be a chain. (no disrespect to Mimi's, my parents think they hang the moon!)

      1. If you're willing to drive to the ASU area, Harlow's is good (though often crowded), and Four Peaks has a good Sunday breakfast/brunch (much less crowded, unless there's a Vikings game on). Essence Bakery has great weekday breakfasts and a Saturday brunch; I've never been on a weekend, but judging by their weekday food I'll bet it's good. For a different kind of brunch closer to home, dim sum at China King is great. I really like The Farm at South Mountain too, but that's a longer drive.

        Essence Bakery Cafe
        825 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

        Harlow's Cafe
        1021 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

        China King Buffet
        1050 W Ray Rd, Chandler, AZ 85224

        Farm At South Mountain
        6106 S 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85042

        Four Peaks Brewery Company
        1340 E 8th St # 104, Tempe, AZ

        1. If you like Matt's you'll like Over Easy on 40th Street just south of Indian School. That's a bit closer for you. You take I-10 to the 143 and exit on McDowell and go west a couple of blocks to 40th. It's actually pretty fast.

          1. We have enjoyed The Farm House in Gilbert for many years. Great, homestyle breakfasts, including any kind of omelet you could dream of, cream chipped beef, homemade cinnamon rolls, you name it. Lunches are delicious as well.

            Although it is not a traditional breakfast item, their banana cake is out of this world.

            Not to be confused with the Gilbert House (haven't tried it), The Farm House is located in downtown "old" Gilbert.

            The Farm House Restaurant
            228 N Gilbert Rd
            Gilbert, AZ
            (480) 926-0676

            1. Yesterday morning we had Crackers and Co, at their Iron Street location. It was good, and very close to home, so I'm sure we will be back.

              I had the pork carnitas skillet, which is their potatoes mixed with green chilis and Monterey Jack cheese, topped with pork carnitas and then topped with two eggs your choice- mine were scrambled with Cheddar. Served with a large warm tortilla, sour cream and a nice salsa that had flavor but wasn't hot. I could only make my way through 2/3 of it, so lots of potatoes were left on the bottom. They were my least favorite part, as a few sections were crispy but most were fluffy. Fine for a baked potato, but too much soft when combined with the scrambled eggs. I also would have loved a little fresh fruit on the side. Just a orange wedge and a few grapes or something similar would give me something as a break between the heavy skillet food.

              Hubby had the 222- French toast with 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon. He also got scrambled eggs with Cheddar and was pleased the eggs were covered with lots of Cheddar. His 2 strips of bacon were large and well cooked- thoroughly done but not burnt. I'm not a fan of French toast and thought this tasted eggy, but he didn't leave any on the plate.

              He had a large glass of OJ to drink (overpriced at 2.99, especially since it seemed straight from the carton) and I had Coke, which the waitress forgot to charge for. Our total was $26 plus tip.

              Still second to Matt's in our opinion, mostly because of the quality of the ingredients. Most glaring example: Matt's jam comes from Cotton Country Farms, a local grower. Crackers and Co has little packets of Smuckers on the table.

              Crackers and Co serves breakfast all day every day, so that's a nice plus.

              We are still open to suggestions, and I appreciate those that have been posted so far.

              Crackers & Co Cafe
              535 W Iron Ave Ste 131, Mesa, AZ 85210

              Crackers and Co Cafe
              535 W Iron Ave Ste 131, Mesa, AZ 85210

              1. I feel like a broken record for always suggesting the same places, but breakfast+SE Valley=a Joe Johnston place. Joe's Farm Grill is better for eating outside, and I like Liberty's coffee better.

                Joe's Farm Grill
                3000 E Ray Rd Ste 101, Gilbert, AZ 85296

                Liberty Market
                230 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ