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Oct 23, 2009 08:35 AM

Birthday Dinner for my wife...


I need help in planning for my Wife's Birthday Dinner ( Nov 15th )

We are a couple with a three year old daughter and we are Vegetarian (Can eat in a place where non veg is served but we do not eat egg.)

I was looking for some elegant setting... $$$ not an issue
something like Gramercy Tavern...(Though i have never been there... looked at its website...)

I was looking for a place with wonderful views

I was looking for a place with good vegetarian options and wonderful dessert options

If the place had some live music like a guitarist or a trumpet / violin player who can come by the table and play something special for her when I will gift her diamond earrings.... or when she cuts her cake....

I wanted to make the night very special for her .. in a wonderful cozy and elegant setting...

Can I find such place in Manhattan....?

Thanks a lot in Advance


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  1. Alas, there are no (to my knowledge) restaurants of high caliber in NYC that have live music in the dining room. If you can get a reservation at Per Se, that would be my first choice. The new Bouley (downtown), is romantic, in a beautiful setting, and could produce a wonderful special vegetarian meal for you. Or you might try Eleven Madison Park (far more elegant than the Gramercy Tavern). And don't forget Jean Georges.