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Oct 23, 2009 08:25 AM

Taco Libre Cart

I noticed a new (to me) cart in Downtown Crossing called Taco Libre this week. Has anyone been yet? I might try this afternoon, if not, next week, but if anyone has some feedback....

They also have a pre-order website (weird, I know Chacarero did that when they had a storefront, but I'm not sure I've heard of that for a cart before).

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  1. Wow, looks a lot like Olecito's website...wonder if they're related?

    1. Might check it out today - it sounds pretty good.

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        Went there for lunch, apparently they've been open since Wednesday. I ordered the chicken torta and a shrimp taco. Apparently they were out of the shrimp, so I just had the chicken torta. It was OK, not great (I do not hold with the use of "meh," but...)

        The chicken was white meat cut up in chunks, sitting in some kind of nondescript brown sauce. It had real avocado chunks in it, and some salsa. The bread was OK, out of a bag but fresh and puffy-textured. Overall, pretty undewhelming as a total package. I will be back though, based on price, and will definitely try some of the other offerings.