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Oct 23, 2009 08:02 AM

It's my birthday and I'll eat what I want to... - MSP

SO--It's a week long celebration! I'm new in town and I plan to hit Tanpopo (the movie is my favorite!) AND the pizza shoppe....but was also thinking I might want to do a prix fixe/course meal. Recommendations are so appreciated. I've looked at posts and am entertaining the idea of Alba. Thanks for any input or directions!

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  1. it's hard to go wrong with Heartland's prix fixe meal. Also, Levain has a very good Sunday night meal. Alma may as well, but I don't keep up on Alma too much. (I've only had decent experiences there although I know that many swear by all that Alex Roberts touches.)

      1. Depending on exactly what you have in mind, I think my top 3 for that request would be Heartland, Restaurant Alma, and La Belle Vie.

        Heartland and Alma are both very good in my experience. The prix fixe menus at both are an excellent way to experience the restaurants. You have more choices at Alma, but Heartland's set menus pretty much always sound good to me whenever I spy on their menu (which changes daily).

        La Belle Vie has an amazing tasting menu. We went for our anniversary last year and it was in the top 5 of meals ever for me. To me, the food at La Belle Vie is more creative and "fancy" than at Heartland and Alma. La Belle Vie is a much more formal dining experience overall. It is also more expensive than Heartland or Restaurant Alma, but for a splurge occasion - I thought it was worth it.