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Oct 23, 2009 07:56 AM

Mom and Dad taking 3 college freshmen out for steak in Philly

Where should we take three freshmen girls out for dinner tonight? They are craving "real meat" (apparently not available through the dining program at Penn), and requested a place with great steaks. Thanks!

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  1. Do you have any budget restrictions? If not, Barclay Prime is by far the best steak house in Philly. And it's not stuffy, the decor/atmosphere would be cool enough for freshman :) From apps to dessert, BP is just amazing!

      1. Thirding Barclay Prime while resisting any jokes involving freshman girls craving meat. Great atmosphere, not "old boys club" in the least. They will love the truffled macaroni & cheese.

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          Thanks to everyone, Barclay is full until 10pm, we have reservations at Butcher and Singer.

          Re: freshmen girls and meat, I can't believe I actually wrote that in the OP. I was just trying to make a joke about how bad the food is when you have to depend on Dining Dollars. Thanks for resisting the jokes!

        2. Barclay Prime is great...but if you're looking for anything better than cafeteria food, you have a wealth of options to choose from...Union Trust, Mortons, Chima, Capital Grille, Ruth Chris, Butcher And Singer...i know a couple of those are chains, but their meat is still good!

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            Barclay Prime is nice, though Capital Grille, and Barclay Prime are good choices. The latter, where I had the pleasure of dining last Sunday is classic steak house, and you can tell the parents that Sixth Sense was filmed there. Union Trust, Palm, Don Shulas, Del Frisco's, Morton's and Ruth Chris's are all second class in my opinion.

            The Double Porterhouse Steak at Barclay Prime is dry aged and well worth the money if two three or four are splitting it. Union Trust does a vertical steak tasting that is outrageously priced but is worth the money if a comma in the bill is not a a problem.

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              I think UT is in the same class as Barclay, but I haven't been to UT since one visit just after they opened, and the chef in charge of UT has left since then.

              I don't think we have a Shula's in Philly proper but I did have one unfortunate meal at Shula's 347 in Conshohocken one time. That was some of the worst food I've ever had in a restaurant.

              Of course, all this is dependent on the OP's budget..