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Jan 28, 2005 11:21 AM

La Mirada Recs

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Moved today from Marina Del Rey to La Mirada. Need recs. Love all styles as long as they offer something half way special/fresh. Main staple is salad full of oily, un-salad-like things, so I can fool myself into thinking I'm doing right. Love tortas, sopes, ceviche. Hawaiian BBQ. Southern BBQ. Burgers, of course. Most Thai places: not ones that puts peas and carrots into thin, watery curries, or ones where most people order the Pad Thai. Low-end or take-out type places preferred, though occasionally I'll check out a sit down place (usually for seafood or steaks). I love little boutiques with limited menus who specialize in this or that. Makes me feel connected, like I'm in on some local secret. I know that's pretentious, but hey, it's true. Oh, yeah, and I love appetizers. What about bars/happy hours? I'm from South Africa, so I need my Fish 'n' Chips and Indian too, but I've made it for years without them in L.A. (so I'm not getting my hopes up). Lastly, I could live the rest of my life eating only Mexican, if that helps. Tijuana bacon dogs (I know they're not Mexican... or are they?) are my fav, though I haven't had one in years, and I'm not supposed to eat pork anyway. Willing to drive to Whittier, Downey, Norwalk etc., but would really prefer La Mirada. Thanks.

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  1. So you want it all, only the best and by the way you don't want to drive out of your local area to get it. Even if you weren't moving to that hot bed of fantastic cuisines, La Mirada (g) you would still need to branch out a bit to find the best that the greater LA area has to offer.

    With that in mind one of the perennial favorites on this board for fish taco's is Taco's Baja Encenada in Whittier. Try going when the turn over is greater, in other words don't go at 3 in the afternoon but rather in the 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. time frame.

    Taco's Baja Encenada
    5385 Whittier Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90022
    Phone (323) 887-1980

    1. I live in neighboring Buena Park, here are some of our faves:

      Renu Nakorn - Great Thai food. Arguably the best in California, but saying that will cause an argument, people are very passionate about their Thai. Whether or not it's the BEST, it's very, very, very good and very, very authentic. On Rosecrans Blvd, near the 5. Small, tiny strip mall. Next to a tackle/bait shop.

      Dal Rae - A bit more of a drive to Pico Rivera... about 15 minutes from LM. Great retro style continental. Table side service, the whole bit. Nice place. We really like it. Many reviews on CH. Washington Blvd. near Rosemead.

      Cat in the Custard Cup - Also about a 10-15 minute drive from LM (depending on where). Nicer place. Great food. French Onion soup is great. Lobster bisque as well. Continental cuisine with a an English twist. Superior wine list. Whittier Blvd a few blocks past Euclid.

      Napa Rose - It's in Anaheim, which is more like a 20 minute drive for you. It's in the Disney Grand Californian hotel. I think one of the top two or three restaurants in OC. Really that great. Very nice place. Kind of surprising to see such a high end good place in a Disney hotel.

      Light Town House - Korean food. Great Korean BBQ. Good to great banchan. They grill on coals and hardwood, NOT gas. Makes a difference. I'm Korean and like it. Pretty authentic and we go fairly regularly. In the Walmart/Sam's/Lowe's retail complex on the corner of Beach and Imperial.

      Hope this helps some. There are also several options in Fullerton you should check out. There have been several threads recently that a search might turn up. Enjoy!

      1. Welcome to the area!!!

        For Burmese Food go to Golden Triangle in Whittier. Excellent Ginger Salad. Lots of posts on chowhound about this place.

        Try Arturo's Puffy Taco on the border of Whittier and La Habra (technically Whittier) on Leffingwell. It's a little hole in the wall but FoodTV did a piece about them on one of their shows and they serve Mexican Dogs. Good food.

        Go to Renu Nakorn (like woo! said) in Norwalk (also a hole in the wall). They specialize in Issan Thai food. Haven't been there yet myself but there's tons of posts about it on Chowhound. I'm really looking forward to going one of these days.

        For another mexican place try La Taquiza on Whittier in Whittier. Really good food and seafood. Specializes in Mullitas, a little appetizer kind of like a quesadilla.

        If you like indian food take a trip down the street to Artesia- Pioneer Blvd. There are tons of indian restaurants there. It's like little india and I hear a lot of people drive long distances to get there.

        El Taco Nazo on Beach Blvd in La Habra is good for fish tacos. Other kinds of tacos too. I think they also serve ceviche (could be wrong though) and they serve shrimp cocktail.

        If you're looking for carne asada to buy to cook at home, go to Country Fresh Market on Greenleaf in Whittier Excellent stuff. Featured on FoodTV too. While you're there there's lots of places to eat in Uptown Whittier, my husband just mentioned a bar called Ibiza that might be interesting.

        For something different, go to Veggie Bistro in Whittier. They serve vegetarian food but it is really good. My husband and I aren't vegetarians but we frequent there anyways. Excellent. The owner is vietnamese and all the recipes are secret.

        If you're interested in another vegetarian place Happy Family in Rowland Heights is a little bit of a drive for you- easiest way is over Colima in Whittier, (the restaurant is on Colima), but they have excellent food. Downstairs in Non vegitarian and upstairs is veg. Very different. The vegetarian hand rolls are addicting and I'm constantly craving them. Their menu has about 800 items on it so there's always something new to try. I also love the "chicken" curry there. Good stuff.

        For cheap Teriyaki go to Orange House in La Habra. Excellent. Good Tempura, and California Rolls.

        Hrazdan Chicken is a must try. It's in Whittier and is a hole in the wall. They serve armenian food, excellent roasted chicken, this garlic sauce that is transcendant, gyro, kebabs, shawarma. We just found this place and I am currently addicted to it. Even the rice is wonderful.

        There's also Maggie's Pub on Telgraph in Santa Fe Springs. they serve irish food and beer. Lots of fried seafood, traditional irish food, burgers.

        Sorry that I can't help more. I grew up in Norwalk and now live in La Habra Heights, definitely your area. One other thing I can say is that whatever you do, don't go to that all you can eat sushi, buffet place on Imperial in La Mirada. I think its called China Star Buffet. My husband and I got sick from that place once. Please please post if you find any other good places to go in the area. I love recommendations and would love new places to go!!! Welcome!!!

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          Wow! That's an awesome post. Thanks Wendy!

          I used to live in La Habra. Now I live in Irvine. One of the better spots there as I recall is one of the original Green Burritos, the one on Whittier across from La Habra High School. I used to order their steak nachos, I think it was called Super Nachos or something. Really good stuff. I wonder if it is the same, now that Green Burrito has been gobbled up by Carls Jr.

          Capital Seafood in Rowland Heights is great for Chinese/Vietnamese lunch specials. And of course Sea Harbour in the same plaza.

          In La Habra, I heard that there was a Mongolian Barbeque place that was really good. I think there was a Chowhound outing there recently. I just remember it was on the corner of Imperial and Harbor. And as I recall there are two there, one of them better than the other.

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            Thanks all for your posts/insights. I'll try to pay it forward next time around.

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              I knew I was missing something!!! LOL!

              Green Burrito is still there (Whittier Blvd. near Idaho) and is pretty good for those days you want to pig out... Those Super Nachos do hit the spot. But I think I got the fajitas last time I was there and the steak was kind of sub-par. Itty bitty chunks of beef. Not all that great. But their cheese enchilada plate really hit the spot as the first solid thing I ate after my wisdom teeth were taken out. It will always have a place in my heart. :-)

              Haven't been to Capital Seafood or Sea Harbour but their on my list!!!

              And how can I have forgotten Great Wall Mongolian BBQ???? My husband and I used to go there at least once a week but due to recent financial issues we've been eating at home a lot more. (This place isn't expensive though, about 7$ for dinner) crankySCUBA, you must keep this place in mind - particularly when you're sick. I have my husband get takeout when I'm sick (usually ear infections or sinus issues), pile on the ginger and garlic, have the hot tea, and it does the trick every time. I'm usually a whole lot better by the next day. There are two Mongolian bBQ's at about the same intersection- I've been to both. The good one is in the Target parking lot around the side facing Harbor Blvd. If you're in the mood for a cheap, large somewhat healthy meal, this is the place to go. Lots of veggies, Lots of meat, Noodles, Seasonings, all added together the way you want it and then fried up on a big bbq. Add chips with sweet and sour sauce, egg drop soup (that tastes better with the white pepper at the table), and pocket bread. Their iced tea is excellent too. Mmmm.. I'm thinking I'll be going soon. :-) Thanx elmomonster!!!

              1. re: Wendy8869

                Forgot to say Great Wall is at Harbor Blvd. and Imperial Hwy. in La Habra.

          2. Posting to see if there are any updates in La Mirada. Going to La Mirada Theatre and would love to know good places to eat that are conveniently located to the theatre. Thanks in advance.

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            1. re: luswei

              I work near the corner of Rosecrans and Carmenita and there aren't any restaurants worth mentioning now that Renu Nakorn has closed for remodel. Pre theatre (nice clothes) I would reccomend:
              Arte Cafe
              12741 Towne Center Dr Ste M2
              Cerritos, CA 90703

              El Rocoto Restaurant (Peruvian) ((Next to Kabuki Sushi)
              11433 South St, Cerritos
              CA, 562.924.1919

              India Restaurant (Good curries)
              17824 Pioneer Boulevard
              Artesia CA 90701

              Just to name a few. El Recoto is next to the Cerritos Mall but only 10 minutes to the theatre across Pionner and East on Rosecrans.

              1. re: ToroTaku

                You should give Marquez restaurant a try. Right around the corner from where you work.
                Great Ceviche and Pork burritos (enchilada style)!

              2. re: luswei

                There are a few placeds off of Beach and Imperial, mostly chains though. Chili's, Applebees, Red Robin, nothing special, there is a Peruvian place off of Imperial and Santa Gertudes, little hole in the wall, it's very good. In the same shopping mall where the theater is at there is a Mexican place, kind of more of a hang out than good food, and also a sushi place that keep changes owners (should tell you something)
                Nothing really in La Mirada, I should now, I live here. =-(
                And from being from Pasadena, it still hurts after 5 years.

              3. i also live in la mirada. there isn't much but there are some places i go to.
                that peruvian place with the out of place decor has very good food. it's off off imperial as is mentioned aboved, next to a hamburger place.
                the tortas from the relatively new place called El Paraiso off imperial near valley view where the big lots is are great. I like the chorizo the best but they are all good. they of course have other "snacks" like cactus pears,fruits, smoothies and other bionicos.
                there's a very good chinese place off beach and stage next to a burger king. King's Garden.
                you must go to El Taco Nazo for awesome baja fish tacos. There's a good location off of beach and la habra blvd. best in LA despite people on this board lovefest with that place in east la tacos ensenada. technically this in la habra.
                I happen to like that sushi place, pieces i think. good quality sushi. very quiet in there though. i haven't been there in several months though so it could have changed...