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Oct 23, 2009 07:24 AM

Going to Ame tonight - any recs?

Heading out to Ame tonight for a late dinner.. any recs? anything that shouldn't be missed?


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  1. Don't even think about ordering the cocktails. They are TERRIBLE...however, the chocolat dessert is to die for!
    Rob is an amazing pastry chef.

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      the pork belly is good and the miso cod is decent. i was disappointed with the duck breast and the ramen.

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        really the cocktails are that bad? I'm a bartender in a cocktail heavy bar and was looking forward to having one or two before dinner, guess I'll stick to a gin and tonic :)

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          I've been three times and LOVED the cocktails each time I was there. The last time I decided to have a third one at the end of the meal, I think it was called Egg Nog and it tasted like Christmas in my mouth. Maybe a bit too early in the season but it was amazing!

          And actually I didn't like the chocolate dessert at all! Way way way too much chocolate and note enough of any other flavour for me.

          I did like the one the has beets in it. It was delish.

          For mains I enjoyed the flat iron steak, the short rib and the sea bream. And if it is still on the menu the green and white asparagus was AMAZING way more than anything I expected to say the least.

        2. Thanks to everyone for the replies..

          This is what we had:
          Sochu martini and the apple bourbon cocktail (both were very yummy)
          Assorted nigiri and sushi.. the sushi was a spicy tuna that was frankly not that interesting, but the nigiri was great!
          Oyster mushroom tempura - yumm!
          the 7oz wagyu steak
          white and green asparagus salad (this was amazing agreed!)
          followed by the chocolate dessert which my bf said was good but i didn't try

          overall impression of the restaurant was good.. nice decor, busy bar scene - where we continued our evening after dinner and realized that the bartender there used to be the one at nota bene and had remembered us from the times we had visited the bar - he's a great bartender and a talented mixologist.

          Out of five I would give Ame almost a 4.. everything is very good.. it/s just somehow missing some heart along the line.

          Nota Bene
          180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

          1. What's the damage on dinner for two? Less than $200?

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              For sure. You'd have to eat and drink a lot to spend $200 for two people.

              They have a Wagu steak on the menu it is something like $50 but I think everything else is between $15-25 a plate.

              My bourbon sour was AMAZING and it was $8. Pretty darn good IMO.

              1. re: JennaBean

                We just went last night and ran paid around $200 for three people with 6 sharing plates and 3 drinks. Honestly, the food was REALLY good! I didn't know what to expect because a lot of people here seemed to have just an OK experience. The room is absolutely gorgeous! Yes, the drinks are pricey but appreciate the effort when they squeeze their own juices etc.

                I highly recommend:

                The Budou Cocktail
                The Spicy Tuna Roll
                The Pork Ribs
                The Coconut & Figs Dessert

                I did a really long full review on my blog that you can check out here:



            2. We just went to Ame last night and were somewhat underwhelmed. Nothing against the design of the room, which is very nice, especially the single plank bar. The service was also impeccable, so no complaints there. It was the food that was disappointing - some was great, some was so-so, and a couple of things were not good at all.

              We shared the Aroe cocktail, which was a delicious mix of gin, elderberry syrup, basil, and peppercorns. We then had some sushi, all of which was fresh but kinda forgettable. The rice mixture in particular was too heavy on the vinegar. We tried the oyster mushroom tempura based on some of the comments previously. Unfortunately it was unbearably oversalted and was just soaking in grease. It wasn't even close to what tempura should be.

              The miso river trout from the robata was excellent, perfectly cooked and flavoured. Quail was also tasty if a bit on the raw side. Spicy pork ribs wrapped in red bean should have been great, but again a heavy hand with the salt ruined it. Wagyu short ribs were great - the best dish we had. The asparagus salad was very good as noted above. We finished with the onigiri, which was a nice mixture of rice with some pickled plum but certainly not actual onigiri (nor was the pickled plum remotely like ume).

              Desserts were quite good, particularly the blueberry and lemon concoction that included a lemon curd ice cream and mini pancakes among other treats. The server was quite accepting about our report of oversalting and gave us the desserts for free. Unfortunately this good service isn't enough to draw us back unless the kitchen gets more consistent.