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Oct 23, 2009 06:42 AM

SHO Hergatt that good really?

I just got the new Zagat and they gave SHO an astounding 29 rating for food. This is higher than such great establishment like EMP, Gotham Bar and Grill, Craft, same as Daniel, etc. Is the food really that good? If so that is quite impressive, especially since there are no other great restaurants of its ilk in the financial district. Since I work quite close, I was contemplating trying it very soon. Feedback is much appreciated thanks.

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  1. We ate there about two months ago and the food was spectacular (as was the setting -- the restaurant is beautiful). I would definitely recommend trying it, since there really is nothing else in the area that can compete. Plus the prix fixe is reasonably priced by NYC standards.

    1. steak, definitely try it. It's really, really good. I don't think it's on par with Daniel and other places, but it is certainly fantastic.

      On an aside, Zagat seems to get so many things wrong, just like Michelin, that I've quit using their guides. I mean, realistically, a 29 for food? That's almost perfection, and to me there are probably less than a hundred or so restaurants in the WORLD that truly deserve that type of ranking.

      But that being said, again, I would highly recommend SHO. And if you want to watch the kitchen in action and are a party of two, put in a special request for the two-top right by the wall of glass that separates the kitchen from the dining room.

      1. Yes it's really good. Picked up a Michelin star too.

        1. We also ate there a few months ago and were truly impressed (memorable dishes include, among others, the poached egg with gold leaf, the squash blossoms, halibut and duck). Make sure you request the table for two next to the kitchen -- almost like a chef's table. Not sure it deserves a 29, but it is very good and, like bgrand said below, a fantastic deal.

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            Wow everyone seems really high on it. I definitely will give it a go then.

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              Hi, steak,

              Add Mr. R. and me to the two thumbs way up crowd. We had an absolutely phenomenal dinner there. Sensational cuisine, stellar service, and superb ambiance. It's high on our "go back soon" list.

              Photos here:

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                I love your photos, RGR. I have been reading all the raves and plan to get there in the next couple of weeks.

                1. re: rrems

                  Thanks, rrems. Looking forward to reading your review.

          2. We ate there a couple of weeks ago and had the tasting menu. Everything was spectacular, from the amuses bouches to the gourmandises and everything in between. Highly recommened.