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Oct 23, 2009 06:40 AM

tasty and inexpensive Mexican food

I live in the Valley. I know. But I never see a review of a Mexican restaurant somewhere in the SFV. That's why I'm determined to change that. So look, next time you want simple but really good nortena (ranchera) style Mexican food go to a small place called San Marcos Mexican Restaurant in Van Nuys. They have everything from Tacos to Burritos + homemade Jamaica & Horchata + homemade tortillas (really good corn tortillas). Granted the seating isn't something to write home about, but that's not why you're there. Then, take a look at the daily special menu board on the wall - - try to get there on a Thursday so you can have the Costillas De Puerco. I'm telling you, if you wanna spend less than $20 for a killer dinner or lunch for 2 people go there.

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  1. It sounds like the place on Hazeltine that drew this (slightly breathless and somewhat over the top) review back in August: that opened in January of 2009 according to the poster.

    I definitely want to give it a try one of these days.

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      La Fogata is really good and inexpensive...Family owned on Van Nuys near Magnolia...It's been around forever and is consistently good...

    2. Good to know. I found myself in that 'hood while having an electronic fixed at lunchtime, and saw lots of places, but didn't know any of them. When I go back to pick it up, I will search them out. I assume they're open for lunch? Love that kind of mexican.

      1. There are tons of good mexican places in the Valley. Melody's on Reseda Blvd is my favorite. Their beans are always tasty and satisfying. Refried beans are my barometer of a good mexican place. Down the street, is Las Fuentes and it's owned by the same people as Melody's. I usually get the Chille Relleno Burrito.

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          I'm sure there are, but when you're not sure and have never heard of a place, it's sometimes hard to just walk in blind. Don't want to spend the hard earned cash on crap, if you know what I mean. And good rec, I love anything to do with a chile relleno, and I happen to be on Reseda Blvd quite often. Thanks.

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            I have been going to Las Fuentes since it was only that front right portion - before they took over the pool supply store next door and when Melodies was just a Taco Bell - in the mid-80s. They have great food. It's funny, tho. I have only tried two things on their menu since I love them so much I can't bear to miss out on them - the Burrito de Bistek Encebollado, cooked med rare (Steak and Grilled Onions burrito). So good. Lots of the green avocado salsa on top and their nachos. No meat, just the chips, cheese and ranchera sauce. Delish!!
            Melodie's menu is not as extensive as Las Fuentes and they don't have the green avocado salsa that I dream about.

            Las Fuentes
            18415 Vanowen St, Los Angeles, CA 91335

        2. I'll definitely add my rec of this restaurant. The tacos I've had have been uniformly good. My favorites have been the pastor and asada. The salsas have a definite bite, and there is a good variety.

          The restaurant is in the space that was formerly Tacos el Jerezano. The only confusing thing is that the wall still has Jerezano menu items and prices, but the full menu and prices are in the printed menus on the counter.

          1. Has anyone tried Carlo's on Victory just west of Van Nuys? I haven't been there since I owned the 7-11 across the street about 30 years ago but I remember the fabulous chile verde, carnitas, tripas, etc. Used to be just a stand but a few years ago they opened a restaurant in the store next to the stand.