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Oct 23, 2009 06:35 AM

Fette Sau question

I'm potentially planning on going there in a few weeks when a friend comes to town to visit, how bad is the wait on fridays and saturdays? I don't think they take reservations, so i'm trying to gauge whether this is a bad idea (like we're going to have to wait forever type of thing)

Also, what are the best things there?

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  1. I’ve never really had a “Wait” per say, its just a line to order from, not more then 15-20 minutes though. And as far as recommendations go... it depends on what they are making. The pork belly is great, as is the brisket; I love their beans and their German potato salad. With this place you really have to look at the quality in the deli counter because some items look better on certain days. Follow your belly and you can always ask the guys serving you or the other customers what they liked best that day.
    They also have really great whiskey flights, Im not a huge whiskey fan but I do enjoy a flight every once and a while.

    If you are making the trip, make sure you stop by their beer bar spuyten duyvil for a pre or after dinner drink.

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    1. re: Asumnuthin

      thanks thats helpful, its actually not that far from me since i live in LES, but ive been meaning to try it and another one of my friends wants to take our visiting friend there

      i was sort of debating between there and diner

      1. re: Lau

        Be careful with that pork belly. A little goes a very long way.

    2. I've always had a wait. I think their sides are better than the mains. Great Bourbon

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      1. re: MOREKASHA

        how long a wait do you think on average for a fri / sat night?

        1. re: Lau

          Fri/Sat wait can be substantial. They don't have a list or anything so basically you have to hover and claim table space.

          Earlier is better, if you're going to do it. Stays crowded well into the evening.

          re. MOREKASHA comment -- I feel entirely opposite -- go there for the meat, the sides are uniformly forgettable to awful. Agree on bourbon selection...

          1. re: Jack Barber

            Their meats are fine, just not anything worth the wait. Hill Country has the better brisket, IMHO. It's strange, they own Spuytun Duvil which has great beer, however, I never really dig Fettes beer. Though the tap handles are murder.

        2. Not worth waiting for. The pork belly is great..everything else is mediocre.

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          1. re: sharonfranke

            Red Wattle (I think) pork chops last night were sensational. Very thick cut, they take them off the bone after you order them, just an incredibly piggy flavor. The potato salad, loved by everyone I know, was a bit wetter than I like, but still good. They've got the new batch of George T Stagg bourbon in, and it's worth the price. Also pouring Brooklyn Brewery's "Manhattan Project," which was pretty interesting. Might be a nice beer to have for Thanksgiving dinner.

            Sirloin Tip was good as well. Line was about 12 minutes when we got there at 6pm, probably more like 20 minutes when we left at 7.