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Oct 23, 2009 05:54 AM

Non-asian around Pac Mall/Market Village?

As we'll be in the mall this evening I'd like to eat somewhere that isn't asian. Are there any decent places in this area worth visiting? Also, preferably somewhere that isn't too tiny as we have 2 kids as well, thanks!

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  1. There was a Dosa place (South Indian) in the small plaza opposite Pac Mall (the one with the sushi fishmonger). Not sure if it is still there. I went there years ago and the food was good.

    Chennai Chef
    (416) 754-0401
    3517 Kennedy Rd
    Toronto, ON M1V

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      Slightly off-topic, but would not most people consider Indian food to be Asian too?....definitely South Asian.

      The only non-Asian places in the area that I can think of are the chains...eg Tim Hortons, Subway, Swiss Chalet....

    2. TOchowgal, isn't Indian Asian as well?

      In any case, the decent restaurants around the Pacific Mall area is pretty well all Asian food. Your best bet might be to head up Kennedy and hang a left (where the Honda dealership is) up to Main Street Unionville (North of Hwy #7 past the train tracks) where there are a small number of European restaurants there that are half decent (and I stress the "half" part!) and kid friendly.