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Oct 23, 2009 03:23 AM

Boxing Day in Paris, possibly a bad idea foodwise?

Good Morning,

I am heading to Paris on Boxing day. I have already found that all the restaurants I would like to visit will be closed! Is there anyway of getting an exceptional meal on Boxing day? Please help me chowhound!



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  1. When is Boxing Day?? Is it December 26? If so, well, lots of places are likely to close down Fri to Sun (December 25 to 27) to give their staff a small break.

    Brasseries, cafés, etc. however should be open just like department stores and other shops. December 26 isn't a holiday. Expect the city to be pretty much packed. While Parisians leave the city, lots of tourists are usually around, from France and abroad.

    1. Let me give you the good news/bad news sitch.
      Good news: it's not the UK, where except for Indian-Paki places, you're dead meat.
      Bad news: it's tough, there's a thread on the same issue over NYears at
      Brasseries OK, some bigger places (ie the Bistro du Dome - great) open, and some places stick to their schedules - that is, if they close Sat & Sun they're open Mon-Fri. But Mom and Pop with kids type spots - faggetaboudit.
      There's a small contribution at
      Good luck (but fear not, I've never starved Boxing Day).

      John Talbott

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        John T, do the French celebrate Boxing Day on 12/26 (Saturday) or 12/28, The first weekday after Christmas Day?

        1. re: Oakglen

          The French don't celebrate boxing day. Boy, they don't even know what that is.

          The response to the OP's question is yes, you can have an exceptional meal between christmas and NYE. To be more specific, we'll need to know not only the exact date but also which are those restaurants you'd like.

          For example, le Cinq and La Grande Cascade are open every day. L'Arpège is open mon-fri all year long. L'Ambroisie will be open on the 29 and the 30. etc.

          1. re: Oakglen

            As Soup says: never heard such here. Only place besides the UK I know of is New Zealand but it was settled so recently they maintain so many English traditions.