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Oct 23, 2009 02:53 AM

Chocolate Chili

I make a mean chocolate chili cake, if I do say so myself. I was inspired to think about it by todays Chow Recipe of the Day, Chile hot chocolate.
There are many wonderful sweet and savoury chocolate chili recipes like those above and a great Mole sauce.
What are your favourite foods that use these two ingredients? Please feel free to share your thoughts, and pictures and recipes if you feel so inclined.

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  1. I love heat in my food & use fresh & ground pepper a lot. I made a delicious Venison chili recently and added some chopped bittersweet chocolate in it. Fabulous! Also, I make a really good flourless chocolate cake that I add ancho chile powder to. It's sweet with a unexpected smokey heat finish on the back of the throat that's nice.

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      ¡Por favor! No metes con el posole.

        1. Chocolate Chili Candy Bites with Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream is one of my husbands favorites. Also, Cowgirl Chocolates sells a line of bars and nibs that combine dark chocolate with chili powder and another that combines chocolate & tequila that is to die for.

          1. I brought back a bar of Lindt dark chocolate with chili from a recent vacation in Europe. There are a lot of Lindt varieties that don't get imported to the US - I also picked up some dark chocolate with sea salt, and "Intense Blueberry dark," none of which I've seen over here.

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              BobB, My local Stop & Shop carries all of the Lindt dark chocolate var. you mention above.

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                Really? Cool! Where is this wonderful S&S? I brought home a bunch of the blueverry ones for a friend whose two favorite foods are blueberries and chocolate. When I googled it the only references I found were in Swedish, so I assumed (having never seen it here) that it was not brought in. Good to know!

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                  For S&S store locations.

                  Oh and give the drink recipes by Lindt a try. We enjoy adapting this one:

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                    Interesting - the Lindt USA Web site does show the chili and sea salt varieties, but not the intense blueberry - surprising, since it does list several other of their "intense" fruit flavors like pear and orange. In fact the only blueberry item on the entire site is a wimpy-looking blueberry-vanilla yogurt bar. Are you sure you've seen Intense Blueberry in the US?

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                      BobB, I didn't check the entire Lindt product listing today but yes, the S&S carries the dark chocolate bars as you described.

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                        Thanks, I will look for them.

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                          my local Metro grocery store carries the sea salt and chili flavor. As does Pharmaprix. They often go on sale, 2 for $5.