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Oct 22, 2009 10:00 PM

Place records lost in the redesign

The NYC places include a number of venues inside Chelsea Market, a former biscuit factory that now comprises a ground floor full of unrelated eateries (and office space upstairs that I think includes the Food Network offices).

There were enough food places in there that at some point I entered a separate record for Chelsea Market ( and linked to it from most of the market's Chow records in what is now the Good to Know field. Here are some of them:

Since the redesign, mysteriously, the Chelsea Market URL (#8137) redirects to the page for Chelsea Wine Vault (, a wine store inside the market. So the venue records above now contain bad links, and the wine store's record now contains a link to itself.

Something similar appears to have happened to a pre-redesign record for the Essex Street Market (, another umbrella venue that houses a number of food vendors. That URL too now redirects to the wrong place, a record for Essex Farm (, a vendor inside the market. And all records that linked to the Essex St. Market page now link incorrectly to Essex Farm.

Please restore the Chelsea Market and Essex Street Market pages. If that can't be done, please let us know why, and repair or remove the bad links.

I sent a note about this on 10/4 to the redesign e-mail address but never heard back, so it must've fallen between the cracks. That's why I'm posting here.

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  1. This may be a related problem: Before the redesign there was a place record for Tabla, an upscale Indian restaurant in Manhattan. When Tabla spun off a street cart (, I cross-linked from the cart's record to the original restaurant's record, which used to be at .

    Now the original Tabla URL redirects to the cart's record. And there's a duplicate Tabla record at, though I guess if the original record has been erased it's not really a duplicate. I wish you'd restore the original, though, because I think it had a web site link and possibly hours and other info. The new one is much less helpful, containing only the address and phone, not even a primary cuisine.

    1. Here's another: Momofuku Bakery & Milk Bar, a branch of David Chang's downtown Manhattan empire. A preredesign record did exist, at (it was linked at one time from this Digest item: ).

      Since the redesign, that's become a bad link. That URL now redirects to Momofuku Ssam Bar, an affiliated but separate eatery that shares the same street address but serves very different food. The bakery now has a duplicate record at - though as with the Tabla case mentioned earlier, if the redesign wiped out the user-entered original, the dupe is no longer technically a dupe. Anyway, please at least fix the bad link from the Digest, which makes look sorta clueless.

      Speaking of clueless, the map on that Ssam Bar record places this Manhattan restaurant in Brooklyn, just off the Gowanus Canal (see screen grab below). For further examples or comments, this bug is discussed on another thread:

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      1. re: squid kun

        BTW the Ssam Bar record now includes a photo from the now-missing Milk Bar record.

      2. Here's another preredesign record that somehow vanished in the redesign, replaced by a less helpful new record. The original URL - - can still be glimpsed in a Google search. But now that address redirects to

        The original included links to Chow records for Dinosaur's two upstate locations. They've been erased in the new record. The original rendered the name as Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which appears to be how the restaurant spells it. The new record changes it to Dinosaur Barbecue.

        This is another example - one of many I've seen - of the redesign overriding correct info contributed by Chow users and replacing it with incorrect info, apparently from Chow's outside data provider. It sends a message to any users who would add or update Chow restaurant records: Don't bother.

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        1. re: squid kun

          >>>. It sends a message to any users who would add or update Chow restaurant records: Don't bother.


          Two of the four restaurants at the Cliff House are gone and when I try to add back the missing record I can't.

        2. It looks to me like a lot of records were inappropriately merged, that is, a restaurant was treated as a duplicate of a different restaurant. E.g. Chez Panisse Restaurant has been merged with Chez Panisse Cafe:

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            What you call "inappropriate," I call "erroneous." Or, better, "flat wrong." Guess I would've flunked Euphemisms 101.

            Here's another:

            Mei Lai Wah, an old-school cafe in New York Chinatown, had a Chow record before the redesign at (post-redesign: Mei Lai Wah closed in April 2008.

            Some months later, a new cafe under new ownership opened in the same space with a face-lift and a slightly tweaked name: Mei Li Wah. It had its own record at, with its updated name and phone number and a scan of its menu. That page is linked from at least one Chow blog entry:

            Since the redesign, that link is now incorrect. The Mei Li Wah record appears to have been erased, and its URL redirects to the record for the now-defunct Mei Lai Wah. That record still bears the out-of-date phone number, but it picks up the menu scan from the now-disappeared record for Mei Li Wah.

            To the site crew: Please restore the Mei Li Wah record, with its up-to-date info, and make sure Chow's blog links connect to the correct page. I've updated the Mei Lai Wah record as closed to reflect that shop's current status.

          2. Chatham Restaurant, a dinerish cafe/dim sum spot in Manhattan Chinatown, had a Chow record before the redesign at Elsewhere on the site you can still find at least one blog item that links to it:

            Since the redesign that's become a bad link. Chatham Restaurant's URL now redirects to the record for Chatham Square Restaurant ... - just a couple doors away but a world apart, an upscale Cantonese banquet hall.

            Meanwhile the redesign has introduced a dupe record for the downscale Chatham at, though it uses the Chinese name no longer used in its English signage (Hop Shing) and omits cuisine and hour info that users had entered on the pre-redesign record.

            Please restore the user-supplied Chatham Restaurant info at its original URL, or transfer it to the new Hop Shing record.