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Oct 22, 2009 09:32 PM

what to eat at Perilla?

I'll be going for the first time this Monday for dinner and I'd love suggestions as to what their best dishes are.


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  1. i was there on saturday for the first time. i have to agree with the older posts on the board. the duck meatballs are terrific. the boar belly was outstanding. we told the waiter that we were going to share everything and they brought it out already split on 2 plates. nice touch. they didn't do that with the meatballs, i guess because of the quail egg. makes sense. the duck entree was just ok but the chicken wrapped in speck was really outstanding. for dessert we shared the toffee sticky pudding instead of the doughnuts. we also had a morrocan syrah that was recommended by the waiter. fine. a little too light in body but a safe choice.

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      Also LOVED their boar belly and duck meatball -- definitely a must-order! I actually didn't care for the chicken dish, but 1) I don't like a lot of salt 2) I'm not a fan of chicken for the most part. Their sticky toffee pudding was indeed excellent as well as their chocolate souffle. Super-rich and delicious!

    2. I also love the farro risotto side dish - its big too, great for sharing. I definitely recommend it.

      1. I really like the fall vegetable salad's got this really unique lettuce in it (crystal lettuce). I'll second the boar belly, the farro risotto, and the meatballs too. The lamb dish is good, but you really need to be in the mood to eat a lot of meat. The one thing I didn't like on the menu recently was the crab and sea urchin salad - it was overpowered by the creamy dressing which seemed more like mayonnaise than avocado mousse. The doughuts are always good and the pumpkin pecan pie was nice as well.

        1. I should probably wait to report back when I've eaten more meals at this restaurant, but really I'm too excited too excited by my dinner, tonight, to wait. Across the board, the dishes we tried were interesting, thoughtful, clever and well executed.

          I was extremely impressed with the peekytoe crab & sea urchin salad with American caviar, avocado mousse, toasted rice pearls & ginger dressing. The uni itself was less sweet and fresh than it could've been, but it was well matched to the peekytoe crab, perfectly dressed in a lightly gingered avocado-y mixture. The creamy stuff (mousse? I didn't taste avocado in it, though) appeared overwhelming. It looked gloppy and visually unappealing. But the actual experience of eating was very pleasant. It was not heavy or cloying in any way. The flavors and textures were light enough to go with the crab and uni. The rice pearls seemed a little gimmicky on paper, but on the plate, they were quite clever, a wonderful textural contrast. It does look like this dish was popular among some previous posters, but I thought it was very well done.

          For my main, I had the roasted duck breast, duck fat popcorn, mustard greens, mung beans, dragon fruit & spicy chili jam. The highlight of the dish was the very rare, very tender duck, a beautiful, 'pure' tasting cut of meat that held its own on the plate even among the strong flavors. Duck fat popcorn was fine, but didn't add that much to the dish for me. Spicy chili jam had an interesting hint of sate sauce: interesting and delicious. WRT the mung beans, I'm on the fence. It was an interesting ingredient, but I'm not sure the strong, distinctive flavor of mung bean was entirely well suited to the duck. I might have to try it again to figure out just what i think of it. I like that it's thought provoking, at least!

          As much as I liked my duck, as a comprehensive whole, i might've loved my SO's less-exciting sounding roasted speck-wrapped organic chicken with spatzle, persimmons, chestnuts, tatsoi & pomegranate molasses even more. This dish was brilliant. The texture of the chicken was so very good: rich like chicken is almost never rich, moist, with a lovely, firm texture as meaty as pork cutlets. The speck was crisp and nicely smokey, persimmons were a surprising ingredient and worked very nicely with the other components. (There's something about persimmons with anything smokey that's just wonderful.) Spaetzle was wonderfully tender.

          It took years for me to try this restaurant, in part because my sister did't like it and we have similar tastes. I'm glad I finally did. I very much look forward to trying the tasting menu and would love to hear opinions from anyone who's tried it recently.

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