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Oct 22, 2009 09:05 PM

Steakhouse - SD

Simple question - what's the best steakhouse in San Diego?

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  1. For me it's Donovan's in LJ.

    1. I happen to be a big fan of the Bone in Filet at Lou and Mickey's.

        1. re: mcgrath

          2nd Cowboy Star, IMO it is in a class by itself in this town. Donovan's, Lou and Mickey's, Insert Chain Here, are all equally mediocore in my book.

          1. re: stevuchan

            Thanks, all. We hit Cowboy Star last night, and quite enjoyed it. The fig-goat-cheese amuse-bouche we were served was a pretty bad start (and made us nervous about what was to come), but the rest of the meal was great. Perfect steaks with brussel sprouts, lovely seared foie gras, and a lovely vanilla panna cotta for dessert. Good recommendation.


            Cowboy Star Restaurant & Butcher Shop
            640 10th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

            1. re: Indirect Heat

              "lovely seared foie gras"

              How was it served?

              Also, how busy was it on a friday night?

              1. re: stevewag23

                Seared foie gras had a Banyuls reduction sauce, and was served on toasted baguette. Simple, but really nice.

                We had 7:15 reservations, showed up half an hour early, due to a change in plans, and the restaurant was half empty, so they had no trouble accommodating us. By the time we left, around 9, it was nearly full. I was surprised that it wasn't busier.

                1. re: Indirect Heat

                  "Seared foie gras had a Banyuls reduction sauce"

                  With fruit?

              2. re: Indirect Heat

                what was wrong with the amuse bouche or were you just not enamored of the combination? I particularly like it and do a variation of it at home although I've wrapped mine in prosciutto and throw it on the grill to warm it up.

                1. re: ibstatguy

                  It was just boring, is all. It seemed like something they had the bartender slap together. It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't great, either. It was "meh".

                2. re: Indirect Heat

                  May I inquire as to which cut you had? At steakhouses I only ever get ribeyes, so was wondering if you or anyone you were with had it.

                  1. re: deeznuts

                    I had a dry-aged bone-in strip. My wife had the filet mignon.

              3. re: mcgrath

                Absolutely amazing! In fairness, only eat here when I'm in town and haven't tried all the choices.

              4. Donovan's. We have eaten at both UTC and Gaslamp and service has been excellent at both, steak selection is limited, but well executed.

                Haven't had a chance to try Cowboy Star yet.