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Oct 22, 2009 08:22 PM

Where to buy sushi grade fish in Madison/Chatham area?

Been searching the internet for a while now and it seems like the only place to buy sushi grade (flash frozen) fish in NJ is Mitsua. Does anyone know a place a bit closer to the Madison area?

Another question as well, mostly out of curiosity. Have just moved here from the UK and find it really strange that it's so difficult to buy sushi grade fish here. In London (as well as greater London) there was a great choice of local Japanese markets that sold high quality sushi grade fish. Why is it so much more difficult to find here in NJ?

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  1. You can try contacting True World Foods located in Elizabeth. This is where many Sushi restaurants obtain their fish. Ask them if they could provide a retail market from their client list, if possible. If you ever caught the episode on the Food Network on the opening of Morimoto in Philadelphia, this was the *secret warehouse* in New Jersey which they referenced.