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Oct 22, 2009 08:19 PM

Spur Gastropub - Calgary

Has anyone been to Spur Gastropub yet? It's on 3rd St and 4th ave near the Westin but I am not exactly sure where. It sounds interesting ('typical pub grub is elevated to refined dining heights'), but it's only about 3 weeks old. I tend to wait until places air out the kinks before I check it out.

Any opinions?

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  1. It's in the old Wild Ginger space. Haven't been there either. Is it still a Vickers establishment?

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      1. re: alau2

        I am not sure how they can get away with copying the one out of Seattle. Name, concept and look. It seems a little funny .

        1. re: Local Cook

          My guess is because trademarking is covered in the US, and in Canada under two different legal systems. The Century Hospitality Group did the same with with Delux Burger Bar and Deluxe Burger Bar in Phoenix. Gratitude Cafe and Cafe Gratitude from San Francisco. The list goes on. But i agree - it's definitely funny.

    1. I'd hold off going for now. They definitely have some kinks to work out still. Have been twice now and have been over-served and under-served and the food has only been so-so. They are trying really hard after the service/mgmt issues they had with Wild Ginger which I give them credit for. They are very eager to receive feedback and followed up appropriately with changes they made based on the feedback we gave.

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        Oysters: 2 bucks between 2 and 7pm...

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          You can get oysters at Embarcadero for $1.25 all the time.

      2. The original comment has been removed