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Oct 22, 2009 08:18 PM

Help -- Business dinner (expense account) in Vegas....bad track record

I've been spectacularly unsuccessful finding terrific food in Vegas the couple of times I've been there and taken clients out so I thought I should consult the experts. I've found expensive restaurants and I've found really average food....and even expensive average food. Any suggestions? The only real limitation is a nut allergy which isn't a huge problem unless its an Indonesian or Malaysian restaurant.

Thanks in advance! Chowhounders have never let me down.

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  1. Would help if you ran through the failures, just to give us a perspective on what you're looking for. Or at least gave us some sort of parameters ...

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      My colleague did the choosing last time so I can't remember the names....sorry. From a parameters perspective, if you were going to Vegas, could only eat at 2-3 fabulous places and were not concerned with the cost, where would you go? I personally prefer creative high quality contemporary fare vs large chunks of meat but there are a couple of people in our party who have mentioned a steak house so recommendations in both categories would be helpful. An interesting wine line is also a bonus (but only if the food is also great).

      I was recently in Rome and opted for seafood, traditional Italian, a wine bar and "modern Roman" over the course of 4 nights so perhaps that helps?

      I'm not interested in all-you-can-eat buffet, burgers, pizza, or cheap and cheerful. Its not that kind of trip......

      Thank you!

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        Well, I love Bar Charlie, but I don't know that it would suit a client group, since it is a sushi bar type format. I haven't eaten at the restaurant side (Restaurant Charlie) but would consider that.
        Restaurant Joel Rubochon is certainly spectacular; we had a great meal there. However, it can be a very significant commitment of time and money.

        One of my most reliable choices on the Strip is Bouchon, which is in the Venetian; bistro food by Thomas Keller, and a good wine list. For steak, I've not been to Cut, but have heard good things; we have liked BOA in the Forum Shops, Joe's Stone Crab (for the bone in filet), and Charlie Palmer Steak.
        Also on the very expensive side is Restaurant Guy Savoy. I've had small plates in their Bubbles Bar, and thought they were terrific, but haven't eaten in the restaurant proper.
        You might also consider a couple of the restaurants at the Wynn: Alex gets good reviews here (although I was not overwhelmed, but it was very solid), and Bartolatta is a good Italian seafood restaurant which I think would be excellent for a small group.

    2. Joel Robuchon, Alex, and Cut

      1. What part of town are you staying? If on the Strip, where? It's sometimes cumbersome for visitors to get around, especially in and out of the larger casinos, so knowing where you'll be can help narrow down choices. Luckily for you, the list of very good places is long for someone on a good expense account!

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          We're going to be at Mandalay Bay but will happily hop in a cab to wherever

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            For the upscale steakhouse experience you can't go wrong with Charlie Palmer Steak at the Four Seasons (adjacent to Mandalay Bay...). We really enjoyed a dinner there recently...

        2. Off of the strip two dependable places are Rosemary's and Todd's Unique Dining. You can search this site for detailed information. All of the recommendations that have been listed are very good. I didn't love Cut but am definitely in the minority. Joel Robuchon is excellent but very expensive. I prefer his less expensive (but still costly) L'Atelier. The presentations and selections are very interesting and will spark conversation.

          1. We've never been disappointed by Hubert Kellers's Fluer de Lys at Mandalay. Haved also had 2 outstanding experiences at Gallagher's Steakhouse at NYNY and numerous great meals at Nine Fine Irishmen, also at NYNY.