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Oct 22, 2009 08:01 PM

Looking for Stumptown in Toronto

Hey folks, my brother just got back from Seattle and he brought a couple of bags of Stumptown coffee. DAMN! This is one of the more finest coffees I've had that I brewed myself. There's no bitterness to it at all and I drink my coffee straight black.

Anyone know if and where I can get supplies of this brand in T.O.? I don't mind ordering on-line (if it's possible), but I'd rather just pick it up myself locally.

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  1. not aware of any cafe owners ordering from Stumptown (originates in Portland, OR).
    Stumptown is regarded as the coffee Mecca (or one of them) in North America.

    unless i am wrong about it not being available in Toronto, your next best option is Intelligensia beans, which is sold at places like Mercury Espresso

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    1. re: atomeyes

      i think the communal mule had stumptown beans a month ago when i was there

    2. Lit on Roncesvalles is stocking Stumptown. They're in paper bags lined with some sort of lining, but with just a regular roll up closure as opposed to a sealed bag with a vent hole. When I bought them I asked about freshness and was told they were roasted 3 days ago. I thought they were quite good - I generally do an 'agressive' french press or aeropress at home and did not notice any lack of flavour. On the other hand, they did not impress me any more than the 49th Roasters or Intelligentsia being stocked around town.

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      1. re: Pantz

        Coming into YYZ this weekend. Was just in Portland two weeks ago and I am craving more Hair Bender. I was only there for the day and unfortunately didn't bring back any beans.

        Any cafe (Communal Mule, Lit etc.) have some to drink while in Toronto?

        1. re: Pantz

          It is really good, and yeah, I believe Lit are the only ones carrying it at the moment...
          Agreed about Intelligentsia, it's quite nice as well

          1. re: dannyboy

            Lit is stocking the Hair Bender blend and several varietals (which ones escape me at the moment). The Hair Bender has a really strong chocolate/cocoa flavour, which I am a sucker for. It's for espresso, but works well in a french press. Not sure if Lit is using it as their house espresso bean. I'll ask next time I'm in there.

        2. I'm really not into Stumptown. I think they have done an excellent job branding their company, but like most micro roasters, they have expanded fast. Among the coffee community (I come from Portland), many of us feel they have dropped their standards. There are much much better micro roasters that are local in Toronto, you just have to stop being sucked into what you think is cool.
          I would much rather follow the model in most big coffee communities, and seek out an independent that sources and roasts top-notch beans. Then you know you are getting fresh, quality beans.

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          1. re: jwhitereview

            I didn't get sucked into what I think is cool. I never even heard of this brand until my brother brought it back from Seattle and he was actually buying it for my wife to try. No hype just very good coffee, better than what I've had in T.O. Everyone has their particular tastes and Stumptown, IMO was the best I've had so far. It had no bitterness to it, almost a sweetness. Now I'm down to only a few tablespoons =(.

            1. re: scarberian

              I was grabbing my Intellegentsia beans at Lit but they switched to Stumptown maybe a month and a half ago and i quite like them. I've grabbed El Salvador, and a few others but on your reco the Hair Bender which, as you said, is a killer blend. I'm actually using my drip because the bigger bodum i have busted and it's turning out super nice.
              The dude at Lit is constantly testing his espresso shots and takes his stuff very seriously. As a matter of fact he is going to or has just recently went to New York to Stumptowns facilities to work with the owner and pour a better shot...
              good spot to support is Lit, and the Stumptown coffee does taste quite good.
              And no, jwhite, it's not because it's cool : S

              1. re: dannyboy

                Now Intelligentsia, those I bought because they were cool!

                At least, I liked the packages. They told me when I was tasting persimmon and chokeberries.

                dannyboy - I agree about Lit. I think they get a little underrated when compared to some other spots in town. One area I think they are very strong in is that the entire staff is consistent about the quality of the shots. I don't think I've had the best espresso in town there, but I do believe the general quality is quite high. I will say the last time I was in, a guy I didn't recognize was pulling shots and I definitely got an odd one, but it literally was the first one in about 25+ visits.

                jwhitereview - who would be your recommended micro roasters in town?

          2. Apparently, Stumptown is here, in person!

            Corey Mintz has a piece about Stumptown in this week -


            Here's the New York Magazine link as well