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what foods can't you eat anymore that are killing you?

There are a bunch of foods that I can't eat anymore, for medical reasons. I miss them, and it's killing me that I can't have them anymore. What else is off limits to you chowhounds that you miss?

Foie gras
other organ meats - brain, liver, kidney, heart, tongue...

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  1. waaay too many since i had to give up gluten and soy.

    1. Dh developed a major intolerance of peppers/chilli, and we had to give up Mexican food because it makes him sick as a dog! And that sucks royally!!! Especially since his seafood allergy means we had to give up seafood restaurants and Asian restaurants already because there's too much danger of contamination with shellfish...

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        Kajikit, sounds like you need a BFF (best foodie friend) that you can go out for Mexican and seafood with at least once in a while. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's food maladies but that shouldn't prevent you from ever eating such things again. Just don't rub it in when you get home.

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          Gosh, there's all sorts of Mexican food that doesn't require chilis. And I know plenty of people with seafood allergies who go to Chinese restos. KtinNYC is one.

        2. I control my diabetes with low carb, so I avoid starches and sugars almost entirely. Only things I ever miss are fresh hot pizza and everything bagels.

          1. I am currently on a soft food diet due to orthodontia (surprise!), so I am really missing a lot of things. They include:
            -crusty bread
            -salads of every type
            -fresh fruit
            -vegetable of all types that have not been cooked to mush
            -generally being able to eat what others around me are eating

            1. Crab, shrimp, lobster. Possibly in that order but shrimp turns up in way more recipes.

              1. I'm a long-time vegan and also gluten-free but must currently (since mid-June and hopefully temporarily) for medical reasons avoid foods that are high in vitamin K: kale, collard greens, broccoli, spinach and other leafy greens. Prior to this we ate these approximately 10 meals per week. I also currently have to avoid cranberries. Hope to find out Monday if I can start eating greens and cranberries again at the end of Oct.

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                  Yeah!!! I found out today that I can go off the med and start eating greens again! I stopped on the way home and bought broccoli, kale, and baby brussels sprouts.

                2. Because of stomach problems I can't eat spicy food anymore. Well, I can eat it but it causes a lot of pain. So while everyone else is looking for the spiciest Thai and Indian food, I am looking for mild! I really liked spicy foods, too.

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                      I do, but I still can't eat spicy. Don't want to get into it here.

                  1. With my 50th birthday fast approaching, I've been developing gastric sensitivity. Luckily, I don't eat that many extremely high-fat foods anymore (as a teenager, chili cheese fries was a normal lunch), but I now find that if I drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day, that night and most of the next day is spent paying for it. And I LOVE coffee! I used to drink it ALL day and several times at night.
                    And herb tea doesn't do it for me unless I'm feeling under the weather.

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                      I used to drink coffee all day long, too. Had to give that up years ago when I started getting the jitters mid-afternoon. I limit myself to one mug of very good coffee to get the day going.
                      I really don't miss all of those cups of frequently mediocre java.

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                        I was never able to drink coffee all day long...my own stomach seems to have a 'warning' bell that I'm very happy about...but to be prudent, I only have one cup of java in the a.m. before work at home with my morning paper....for the rest of the day, it's lots of water (usually with fresh lemon wedge) and maybe a cup of green tea in the p.m. If my stomach isn't right in the a.m. for whatever reason, then I forego the coffee entirely...with no ill effect. I'm with you pica...some of the coffee in our office was so very bad, I'm glad I didn't drink it.

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                          I can also drink tea in the p.m. without dire consequences.

                    2. Had a reaction after eating canned crab I used for crab cakes. I can eat all other shell fish with no problem. I fear eating crab because if it was indeed the crab and not some preservative that caused the allergic reaction it could sensitise me more to include other shellfish.

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                        s97, a nice plate of fresh stone crabs would be good therapy. I have been eating them for 9 days now, and the judge might declare me fit for trial.

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                          I'm tempted. Since last week I keep see them fresh from the traps. Every where I turn I see them

                          :- (

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                            Hey, trust the Byrds when they sang scripture: to every thing there is a season; turn, turn, turn.

                      2. I cannot eat nightshades at all and it's food torture!

                        I love spicy food and potatoes and just can't indulge because of autoimmune condition...such a bummer. Still so much I can indulge in so I just try and focus on those foods, but so sad to not be able to eat the frite with my steak or my favorite mexican meals.

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                          Same here, though I've been better at regulating the amounts. Eggplant on the other hand is pretty bad for me.

                        2. Sweet dairy desserts. I tried creme brulee last week, and I'm still getting over it. Any sweets are hard on my digestive system right now, but dairy seems to make it worse. And I loooooove creme brulee and cheesecake!

                          I'm hoping that it will eventually go away.

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                            Hot peppers and garlic, I miss them...

                          2. grapefruit due to medication

                            never thought I would miss grapefruit until I couldn't have it any more

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                              Oh me too!! I didn't eat it all the time, but it was a winter staple a couple times a week in my house. I do so love the smell. I found a gel candy in a tin at World Market that is fairly close to the taste that gets me over a craving. Sometimes I'll share a small grapefruit with my spouse as a treat.

                            2. Bananas and walnuts. I have a mild allergy to walnuts. They make my mouth burn if I eat too many of them. Lately it seems it takes fewer and fewer of them to get that burn and that can make me miss out on a few desserts.

                              Bananas give me a strange reflux issue. I can eat one, but I can't eat them daily. They used to be a breakfast staple for me.

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                                AD...can you eat pecans? I find pecans and walnuts very similar in taste: somewhat sweet and very soft. In so many recipes, the 2 seem to be interchangeable for each other.
                                You're scaring me on the bananas...I eat one about 4 times a week (I try to change it up with blueberries each morning!)...would hate to lose my bananas!

                              2. Never had a problem with peanuts/peanut butter until a few years ago. Not an allergy but vicious, sleep-depriving heartburn. I miss peanut butter so much.

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                                  Have you tried sunflower butter or almond butter?

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                                    Or even cashew butter? I just use a spoon for it.

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                                      So sad. Shellfish. I'd rather give up chocolate and anything sweet just to be able to eat crab or lobster again. It pains me. Since it gets worse with exposure --- 5 years ago, when I was in CA, I got ridiculous with benadryl and an epi-pen just to eat shellfish on a binge for 3 days. My doctor was not happy and now, I can't even have my hubby cook crab legs- the particles get in the air and the reaction begins. However, I'd rather be allergic to shellfish than red wine. :)