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I can't believe I just ate...

a HUGE bowl of pasta with sauce and cheese. Seriously!!! I've been doing great, losing weight, eating healthy...and I had a BAGEl sandwich earlier, various Halloween sweets, cereal, oatmeal, and now pasta!!!!!

Mind you, it was a delicious day...


What have you eaten that you think, "OMG, what did I just put in me?!"

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  1. Oh hell, I do that all the time. Yesterday I had a little chicken-fried steak with a little gravy, and mashed potatoes (no gravy) at the hospital cafeteria. On the way back I went by the little garden the Green Team was having a meeting at, and they had to many left over box lunches so they toldme to take a couple back to my team. Well, I gave one away, one graciously refused, and I opened it up and it had a grossass ham and pseudocheddar wrap on a tortilla that was much like a styrofoam plate. I rolled the cheese up in the ha and ate it, which was not even good tasting, and then I had the lovely little potato chips and the two delightful Fig Newtons that came in the box. The orange I'm going to have later. But I totally should have not eaten the resulting ham wrap, and I wiped out the nice little CFSteak taste I had in my mouth, whih the Fig Newtons and chips would have only enhanced.

    There, I said it. I'm not proud, but you're not alone.

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      What's wrong with a little chicken-fried steak with a little gravy? I indulge several times a year. The problem lies with lots of CFS and gravy, frequently. I will not give up my treats, but I'll pare them down and dole them out.

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        Well, glad I'm not alone...and I don't think yours was such a big deal you know...I too have been known to eat really cra*py food that doesn't taste particularly great, just because...so strange...

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          I had so much of a dilemma. There was a cafe opening a new location that does a half way decent CFS today and at the ribbon cutting they were awarding 100 certificates for CFS free for a year. I fought it, as easy as I am sure it would be to win. As much as I would have eaten many of those if they were free. As much as I know I am dating a woman half my age and need to lose a few pounds, I didn't go. But damned if I didn't want to. God bless America. Love you ChowChick.

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            Nothing! It was he yucky cheapass ham and pseudocheese rollup that i was stupid about. Even took the taste of the CFS out of my mouth, where I was enjoying it.

        2. i ate an entire pizza once before. And you know what, i was still hungry!

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            Oh dear. I do that on a weekly basis. Whenever I have a day off, I watch episodes of dexter and polish off an entire pie. XL too. :o(

          2. you're too funny. i'm waiting for you to chime back in on Thursday and report that you polished off half a marzipan chocolate cake for your BF's birthday ;)

            there are so may things i can't eat these days that the sort of thing you're talking about isn't much of a danger for me...but i was snacking mindlessly on a one-pound bag of roasted, in-shell pumpkin seeds recently, and when i looked up i realized that i had plowed my way through nearly half the bag!!!

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              lol ghg!!!! Just wait...though actually I'm not a huge fan of marzipan...otherwise would probably happen - lol

              Nice that stuff like that isn't a danger for you! It's funny actually, pumpkin seeds don't do much for me...but I can completely appreciate munching through a bag of anything that you like...mindless sort of eating and then you discover you've eaten a ridiculous amount!!!

              I will report back about the cake...lol :-)

              1. Ugh. I'm with you lovessushi. I've been doing great...low cals and exercising. I'm at work tonight and someone from the day shift left a canned corn, mayo, and cheddar cheese concoction in the fridge. AND topped it with chili cheese fritos. I'm on my 2nd cup of it. Disgusting, yet strangely delicious.

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                  Completely understand...completely - lol

                2. I ate half a pizza last saturdaynight for dinner . Then at 2 am a friend came back with some mexican food and i ate 4 tacos, some rice and beans and nachos then went directly to bed lol...

                  1. I made a hamburger covered in BBQ sauce and my fabulous red cabbage vinegar slaw for a late lunch and then like two hours later a friend I haven't seen in weeks called and asked me to go eat sushi with him, so I chowed through an entire tempura bento box. And then we went out for ice cream



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                      Sometimes I have to make dishes or even entire meals without really tasting along the way, because if I have one taste I'm in danger of polishing off the entire pot/pan before the dinner hits the table. This is potentially dangerous (not tasting for quality control), but one taste has led to several, more often than not, so I tend to think that oversampling is a greater danger than my final result needing a touch of salt or pepper for balance. LOL! Needless to say, I have issues with food. ;-P

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                        Do you have the recipe for the red cabbage slaw?

                        1. re: Jacey


                          I use this recipe, but with red cabbage because it's prettier.

                          This is my friend Megan's website. She makes gorgeous food!

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                          lulu I have so done that...that would be second lunch, or second dinner...or second whatever...what's scary is that I can usually eat a meal and then just eat another a short time after...this maybe because I never actually eat a complete meal, I just graze sort-of. Or it may be that I never really eat until I'm crazy full...which is scary because I can apparently eat A LOT!!! lol

                        3. ... a frozen burrito w/sour cream and so much Frank's hot sauce my lips are numb! The list of ingredients alone is enough to bring on a coronary. But so tasty... so bad for you... so tasty... aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh!

                          1. Day before yesterday: A banana moon pie, two Little Debbie nutty bars, a pecan mini-pie, and a handful of chocolate covered orange jelly sticks. I'm dieting, though, so tonight I'm just going to have the nutty bars.

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                                lol - so funny...I don't feel so bad now.

                                Today was much more normal - sushi for lunch, chicken and salad for dinner, and cereal for "dessert"...of course "dessert" was at 12:00 at night and I do have a hankering for a grilled cheese....hmm....