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Oct 22, 2009 06:50 PM

Lavagna or Pepolino

So which would you choose for a terrific Italian meal, and why? Visiting in a couple of weeks and looking forward to eating and eating and...

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  1. I have not been to Lavagna so cannot make a comparison, but I will say that I have really enjoyed dinners at Pepolino, and if you are a gnocchi fan, theirs is a must have.

    1. We have been to Lavagna many times. At one point they received a Wine Spectator award for their wine list. Menu is limited. Note that it can be loud and lively. More enjoyable on a weeknight, based on our experiences. Have not been back in awhile, last time we went it was too noisy for us.

      545 E. 5th St., New York, NY 10009