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Oct 22, 2009 06:29 PM


Any suggestions for a restaurant in Newton, MA or that area? Thanks

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  1. Hmm, this is so undefined that anything goes I guess.

    I'll recommed my friends at Coconut Cafe in Newton Centre, Thai and I'll suggest the crispy nnodle Pad Thai "Bangkok style" with duck. It's small but nice and centrally located.

    :Looking for a sports bar - the Union Grill in Newton Centre fits the bill.

    There are about 20 restaurants within a couple blocks in Newton Centre so I'd say just go here and walk about.

    Outside Newton Center there are other good restaurants in Newton, hopefully other 'hounds will reply regarding these.

    Duffs Pub in Newton Corner has great wings.

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      It's Buffs Pub, btw.

      Farm Grill and Rotisserie on Needham Street. Counter service, but excellent greek meals.

      Amarin of Thailand in Newton Corner.

      Fiorella's on North Street for Italian.

    2. For awesome bbq there is Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton (my absolute favorite)

      For a nice breakfast place and/or ice cream there is Cabot's near by.

      For more of an upscale feel there is also Lumiere in West Newton and Aquitaine in Chestnut Hill that are both supposed to be quite good.

      1. Greek food at Farm Grille, on Needham St., in Newton Upper Falls

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          Thanks...I should have been more defined. In town for a BC event that starts at 7pm and will end too late for dinner. We are looking for good food but probably a quick meal from 5 to 6:30 or so...Thanks for the suggestions.

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            I just graduated from BC this past May and if you want something quick I think Cityside in Cleveland Circle will be right for you. They just recently redid the place and I really liked it the few times I went in my final months at BC. It's one minute from the campus just on the other side of the Reservoir.

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              If you're at BC Oishi Sushi, Aquitain Bis, and the Metropolitan Club would be good. Sushi is probabably quickest in theory but there's usually a wait at Oishi:


          2. As I have mentioned on previous posts, I am a fan of Kouzina, a Mediterranean Greek restaurant on Beacon St in Waban, probably 3 miles from BC. Also, Lumiere could get you out quick enought with a 5:00 PM start. They also serve excellent, more upscale food.

            1. Vecchia Roma is a nice little family-run Italian place in Nonantum. It's on Watertown Street near Adams.