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Mole in Northern Marin?

Cindy Oct 22, 2009 06:28 PM

Our older son is doing a report on mole in preparation of the Day of the Dead - does anyone have any recommendations for a restaurant that does a fairly decent version (we've never eaten it) around Novato, San Rafael, or thereabouts?


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  1. rworange RE: Cindy Oct 22, 2009 07:49 PM

    Are you just looking to try mole for the first time.

    In Novato, Sonoma Latina Grill has chicken in mole which is a decent enough intro

    Chicken in Mole - Local chicken grilled over a wood fire then simmered in a Oaxacan mole made of a mild chile poblano pepper, peanuts, almonds, chocolate and traditional spices and herbs.

    I don't remember if Karina's Mexican Bakery in Petaluma has any dishes with mole, but they do have a nice display of sugar skulls this time of year and a fair pan de muertos.

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      Cindy RE: rworange Oct 23, 2009 08:52 AM

      Thanks, RW! We'll try this and see what he thinks of mole.

      I picked up some jars of mole at the local Mexican store, just for visual aid purposes; we'll try it after his report, but I'm guessing anything canned or jarred is a poor substitute.

      1. re: Cindy
        rworange RE: Cindy Oct 23, 2009 09:47 AM

        You might search Chowhound, either the general or home cooking board about how to deal with the jarred mole. I know there are a few discussions about it.

        Also, almost every Mexican market with a meat counter usually has plastic deli tubs with mole on top.

    2. k
      Kathleen M RE: Cindy Oct 23, 2009 02:51 PM

      If you are willing to drive as far as Petaluma, Lola's, on Lakeview Hwy, makes AWESOME mole.

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        Sharuf RE: Cindy Oct 24, 2009 03:38 AM

        Las Camelias in San Rafael is a pleasant, attractive, upscale-ish restaurant. The food is reliably good and chicken mole is one of their offerings.


        Las Camelias
        912 Lincoln Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901

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        1. re: Sharuf
          Mick Ruthven RE: Sharuf Oct 24, 2009 06:43 AM

          Yes, Las Camelias has been making their chicken mole the same (good) way for a long time.

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