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Oct 22, 2009 06:27 PM

Any Chinese Resto's on 10th ave, 14th-42nd

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there are any Chinese Resturats on 10th avenue between 14th ave and 42 st? I'm basically on a quest to try every Chinese place in Manhattan and I realized recently that I've never actually done that area (I've already been to the ones further up) mainly becuse there seem to be no listing in that area on Menupages (though oddy I seem to recall that there were some a few months ago, back before I decided I was actually going to explore that far west. If there are any knowing thier locations would be useful. If there's someone out there who definitively knows there AREN'T any that info would be of use to as I could then save myself a trip.

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  1. is the Grand Sichuan @ 9th and 24th OK?

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      I've already been there too, though I am planning to carry the menu for that one in my bag when I do this, as insurance (In case there is a place or two but I don't like the food)